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Strategic cooperation agreement between CIMC and Yunnan Provincial Government


On 29 May, Gao Xiang, President of CIMC, Li Yin Hui, Vice President of CIMC, and Hu Pengfei, President of CIMC Wetrans, were invited to attend the Modern Logistics Investment Promotion Conference along the China-Laos Railway in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Under the joint witness of Wang Yubo, the deputy secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the governor of Yunnan Province, and the guests from all walks of life, Gao Xiang signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of CIMC with Yang Bin, the deputy governor of Yunnan Province, marking a new stage of cooperation between both parties.

This was the second meeting between the two parties following the visit to the headquarters of CIMC in Shenzhen by Wang Ningyu, the Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, and his delegations, on 15 May.

At the conference, CIMC, as the only enterprise that has entered into strategic cooperation with the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, received great attention from all walks of life.

Mr. Gao Xiang delivered a speech as a representative of enterprises. He first made a brief report on the development history, governance structure, business status and global business layout of CIMC.

According to Gao Xiang, in recent years, CIMC has paid close attention to the construction and operation of China-Laos Railway and actively participated in the modern logistics business of China-Laos Railway. CIMC Wetrans Logistics Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC, is a leading large-scale integrated logistics enterprise in China. Prior to that, at the invitation of the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, CIMC Wetrans was honored to be deeply involved in the logistics layout planning along the China-Laos Railway. He hopes that CIMC could start to participate in the planning process, laying the foundation for the future development of China-Laos Railway.

According to Mr. Gao Xiang, CIMC is actively exploring investment and cooperation opportunities around the China-Laos Railway, and has deployed hundreds of reefer containers, special containers, vehicles and other logistics equipment to the China-Laos Railway.

In recent years, CIMC has frequently interacted with Yunnan to explore plans for high-quality development. In August 2022, under the entrustment of Mr. Mai Boliang, Chairman and CEO of CIMC, Mr. Gao Xiang led the logistics, cold chain and other business teams of CIMC to conduct field research in Yunnan Province.

After in-depth inspection of the main logistics facilities in Kunming and the Mohan Port, the CIMC delegation deeply felt that Yunnan, as an important logistics channel connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia, has a very huge development prospect. Yunnan Province is closely in line with the strategic theme of CIMC, i.e., focusing on the development of “clean energy, rural revitalization, lucid waters and lush mountains, and fresh food supply chain”.

At the conference, Mr. Gao Xiang invited outstanding enterprises in Yunnan Province to join hands with CIMC to contribute to the development of China-Laos Railway with the support of governments at all levels in Yunnan Province and the care from all walks of life.

On the same day, the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province, the Provincial Department of Commerce and other departments, the strategic development department of CIMC and the persons in charge of business such as CIMC Wetrans, Vehicle Park, New Materials and Transport Technology attended the event.