News Release


CIMC Enric won the order for LNG fuel tanks for ships


Recently, Nantong CIMC Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. (“CIMC SOE”), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, has successively secured orders for 15 sets of marine LNG fuel tanks, including two sets of 13,000 cubic meters of B-type LNG fuel tanks, 10 sets of 7,500 cubic meters of C-type LNG fuel tanks and three sets of 3,400 cubic meters of C-type LNG fuel tanks, with a total amount more than RMB100 million.

Since the beginning of 2023, CIMC SOE has received orders for fuel tanks of over RMB900 million. With the orderly implementation of these order projects, CIMC Enric will further consolidate and enhance its leading position in the LNG fuel tank industry.

The orders for 15 marine LNG fuel tanks cover two large tank types, namely Type B and Type C. Among them, type B tanks are generally of cylindrical or sleeve structure, which are mainly used for shipment of LNG. The 13,000m3 B-type LNG fuel tank in this order, which is currently the largest 9 Ni-Steel B-type fuel tank in China, will be used for large dual-fuel container vessels.

Unlike Type B tank, Type C tank is generally designed as a single tank, a double-valve tank and a three-valve tank. It is mainly used in LPG carriers of less than 100,000 cubic meters and small LNG fuel storage tanks.

The 7,500 m3 C-type LNG fuel tank in this order, as the world’s first vertical double-valve tank, will be used on 10 large dual-fuel container vessels. The development of this type of fuel tank will further expand the product range of CIMC Pacific Offshore Engineering in the C type of marine liquid tank.

It is worth mentioning that CIMC SOE has built the customized 3,400m3 C-type LNG double-valve fuel tank for the most popular vessel type in the global shipping market - PCTC dual-fuel ro-ro-ro vessels. Those tanks are planned to be used on three PCTC dual-fuel ro-ro-ro vessels. At present, CIMC SOE has undertaken a total of 38 sets of fuel tanks for this vessel type, which marks that this series of products of CIMC SOE has been highly recognized by major ship owners and shipyards worldwide, fully demonstrating the leading position of CIMC SOE in this niche market.