News Release


CIMC Enric's First 40-Foot Liquid Hydrogen Tank Container Successfully Launched


Recently, CIMC Enric achieved a significant milestone in expanding its high-end equipment in the hydrogen energy industry chain. Its first 40-foot liquid hydrogen tank container was successfully launched at the CIMC Hydrogen Energy Nantong Base.

This product has reached an internationally leading level in terms of performance and is widely applicable in the global market. CIMC Enric has already received inquiries from multiple overseas customers.

Hydrogen is known as the "ultimate green energy" and plays a vital role in global energy transition. The rational utilization of hydrogen is one of the important pathways to achieve "peak carbon" and "carbon neutrality".

The hydrogen energy industry chain mainly includes hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, and application. Among them, the storage and transportation stage is crucial for the safe and efficient use of hydrogen energy, and it is also an important part of large-scale commercialization of hydrogen energy. Liquid hydrogen storage and transportation have significant advantages in terms of high purity, large capacity, low long-distance transportation costs and high refueling efficiency. It stands out in the large-scale, long-distance and efficient storage and transportation of hydrogen energy.

Liquid hydrogen can provide ultra-pure hydrogen for industrial enterprises such as semiconductors, electric vacuum materials, electronic components, silicon chips and optical fibers. It can also reduce the number of hydrogen supply system switches to guarantee a stable supply of hydrogen. With breakthroughs in hydrogen liquefaction processes and key equipment technologies, as well as the rapid development of hydrogen energy terminal applications, global demand for liquid hydrogen is expected to increase, facilitating the scale application of hydrogen energy.

CIMC Enric is a leading supplier of clean energy equipment domestically and a pioneer in the comprehensive layout of the hydrogen energy industry chain with advanced technological capabilities and over a decade of industry experience.