News Release


CIMC and Yantai Signed a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Co-build CIMC Zero-carbon Smart Industrial Park


On the morning of 11 June, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between Yantai City of Shandong Province and CIMC and the opening ceremony of CIMC zero-carbon smart industrial park were held in Yantai, marking that Yantai City and CIMC have entered a new stage of comprehensive and upgraded cooperation.

Jiang Cheng, a member of the standing committee of Shandong provincial Party committee and secretary of Yantai municipal Party committee, attended and unveiled the plate; Gao Xiang, president of CIMC, and Zheng Deyan, deputy secretary of Yantai Municipal Party committee and mayor, delivered speeches respectively ; Yu Feng, Han Yaodong (both are leaders of Yantai City), Zeng Han (Vice President of CIMC) and Wang Jianzhong (president of CIMC Raffles Marine Technology Group Co., Ltd.) attended the event.

Zheng Deyan, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, congratulated the signing of the cooperation agreement and the opening of the industrial park in the speech. He said that, as a major enterprise of the city's offshore engineering industry chain, CIMC Raffles actively participated in the economic and social development of Yantai, and had made important contributions to building an offshore engineering equipment industry cluster area. He hoped that the two parties could continue to deepen their cooperation in offshore engineering equipment, ocean farms, marine new energy and other fields, and inject "blue power" into the high-quality development of Yantai.

In his speech, Gao Xiang expressed that Yantai was a hot land for investment and business given its strong industrial strength, well-established infrastructure and overlapping of significant opportunities. CIMC would closely dock with the industrial development plan of Yantai, give full play to its own advantages through CIMC zero-carbon smart industrial park, promote the cluster development of the industrial chain, and help Yantai to sprint to the "the city of trillions".

It is understood that CIMC zero-carbon smart industrial park is located in Laishan District, Yantai, and is jointly constructed by Laishan District Government and CIMC Raffles, with a planned area of 2 square kilometers.

At the ceremony, Laishan District of Yantai City entered into a cooperation agreement with CIMC Raffles to invest in and co-build CIMC zero-carbon smart industrial park, and Laishan District Government, CIMC Raffles and representatives of five enterprises intending to enter the park held an opening ceremony of the industrial park.