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  • Never Again, But Meanwhile I Stay Put

    When my circumstances are better, I am not going to endure something and somewhere again to the point where I resent myself like I do now. What I allow people to see are that these good days are normal and… Read More ›

  • And Then There Was One More

    Two weeks after the loss I pertained to in a previous post, we lost another very good friend. It was surreal; after that, taking phone calls on a Saturday felt very scary because anything that cannot be relayed through messaging… Read More ›

  • Closer and Closer

    Practically everyone who has access to social media platforms already expressed their fears, disappointments, paranoia. We crossed the first year mark of dealing with COVID and despite vaccines being made available, we here in the Philippines are still struggling to… Read More ›

  • One Year Hence

    That’s how this point in history started for me. We welcomed it in different ways. A year later, wearing a mask is a norm and every waking morning I’m thankful I still smell my morning breath because it means I… Read More ›

  • Week 3: Birthday, Blowing Nose, Books

    The first month of the year is flying by fast. Contrast that with January 2020 where it became a running gag that it took forever. This month has been super swift. On the third week I was hit with highlights… Read More ›

  • The One Where I Braved A Personal Travel in 2020

    Text: This post is mostly in English with some Filipino and Taglish. When the Philippine government allowed outbound travels again back in October, despite overall paranoia, I decided to travel outside the country for personal reasons (I don’t want to… Read More ›

  • The Nose Knows: My RT-PCR Test Experience in St. Luke’s Global City

    I took an RT-PCR swab test for COVID19 in St. Luke’s Global City in November because I traveled overseas recently. There are plenty of clinics and hospitals providing RT-PCR tests, many of them even offering home testing, but I chose… Read More ›

  • Work From Home, Pretty Great

    Today is the 50th day since I got permission to work from home. It’s only been two months but it feels longer and it’s weird. Well, many things do not feel (and are not) normal anymore anyway, so what the… Read More ›

  • So Far

    It has been 29 days since I was outside the house for more than four hours.  Metro Manila will be on enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) until the 15th of May; an extension that frankly everyone knew was coming days before… Read More ›

  • Still Trying to Read

  • Starting Over Again

    My relationship with working out has restarted more times than I have attempted to be in a real relationship. I do not remember lasting more than six months in a routine. My working out mostly had a lot to do… Read More ›

  • Giddy for Sydney!

    I ended the first half of 2019 with an amazing trip Down Under.  Six full days in Sydney, baby!  I was still reeling from Maui two weeks before that so I wasn’t as prepared for it as I normally would… Read More ›

  • My Tabo

    With the Muji water dipper ad coming out along with the memes and clapbacks, I remembered the yellow tabo I used in Maui last month.  The first thing I looked for when I inspected the bathroom of the rented condo… Read More ›

  • Airport Runs

    My cardio capabilities notwithstanding, I love my airport adventures.

  • My Shopping Time is Your Me Time

    You would think I will adjust my shopping habits when on vacation but turns out it’s hard. Not really about spending though; lately I learned the value of putting things on my cart and making an elimination process before falling… Read More ›

  • Coffee Nut M&Ms Exist, You Guys

    Coffee Nut M&Ms exist and it is my favorite flavor as of late. The Y and I were doing our grocery run in Target when I checked the chocolates aisle and didn’t find my favorite variant. He won’t believe it… Read More ›

  • Nalu’s and the Lucky Charm Chicken Poop

    As I expected, I woke up late on my first day in Maui. Take it as if it’s the weekend where I begin my day past 9 am, I told myself. The Y and I were starving so we did… Read More ›