This is my way of making up to Mae Anne, for forgetting to greet her on her special day on the 17th. Contrary to her Friendster testimonial to me, my occasional dimwittedness made me forget her day. Ugh! Sorry Dimple!

I first planned to send her a funny e-card but I thought it would be so cheesy or corny, or both, and a bit impersonal, as if justifying that I forgot her birthday. So here I am.

Mae Anne and I never met. We got acquainted in a way in 2000 because her brother was my boyfriend (unfortunately? Joke lang, Pau!) at that time. We used to write letters to each other, and I vividly remember her Pooh cutouts that she pastes on her Pooh statios, enclosed in a Pooh envelope. Hahahaha! She is one sweet girl and even if things didn’t work well between her (eccentric) kuya and me, we remained in touch, though not regularly, and she has maintained her thoughtful ways.

Dimple, I am so sorry for forgetting your birthday! I know I missed being one of the first to make it to your phone inbox with my greeting. But I want you to know that you will remain one special person to me. I appreciate your caring effort to text me heartwarming messages out of the blue, to include me in your e-mail list when something new comes up or you have something new to share.

I wish you success and I am amazed how time flies so fast! It seems like yesterday when your brother and I would talk about your fondness for Archie comics, your piano lessons and recital, the way you put your arms on Paulo’s shoulder and he complains because it’s ‘heavy’ (OA tlaga yang kuya mo! :P)…

Basta always remember andito lang ako when you believe I can be of help. I will always be here as your “Ate”.

Happy birthday and I love you! Mwah!

Categories: Friend Judie

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