My Wednesday

I went home at 9:35 p.m. which is past my curfew. Bwaha. Today is Erwin’s last day with the Consular Section and come Wednesday he’s jumping off to “greener pastures” via SSA. Goodluck, mi hermano oso. We had a simple going-away dinner for him in Harbor View with the whole team plus Nanette of FPU, Tito Ton and Erick. Busog, super busog but everything I ate dissolved like ice in Sahara Desert kasi Tito Ton, Tita Beth and I walked from Boardwalk to Rob! Talk about pahirap sa katawan. To think my feet is killing me because I am wearing my Mom’s tan pumps to match daw with my bag. Before that, tama bang mag-goodbye hug kami ni Tita Beth kay Erwin sa tapat ng statue ni Carlos P. Romulo on the corner of U.N. Avenue and Roxas Boulevard??? Well, gauge daw ‘yun ng love namin kay Erwin. He’s off to Mindoro for a quick rest and to see his Mom kasi super inggit na sya pag Eiselle’s mom or mine calls the office’s direct line just to ask what’s up with us. Inggiterong frog. Bwaha.

I had coffee while waiting for the pics to be developed (will scan them tomorrow). 19 Starbucks orders to go and I can have one of their Year 2005 planner. Eto na naman ako, mapagpatol sa promo ng mga oportunistang mamumuhuhnan at nagpapaalipin sa konsumerismo. Bleh.

I am sure preparations for Holiday parties are up and running for most offices now. We will have ours (Consular) on December 10, again on the Century Park hotel. This time, we are using the Grand Ballroom. Lucio Tan is so gracious huh pero no, no, no. Everything has to be a fair deal. The theme would be Naughty and Nice (I will be naughty) but unfortunately I have not thought of my costume yet. I planned to dress up and pick a partner in “crime” and we will come as Bonnie & Clyde. Erwin left and naku, KJ naman lahat ng natitirang male employees sa amin, so I really should have Plans B, C up to whatever. It has to be something I can be comfy wearing for the rest of the night, ayoko ng palit ng palit parang si Kris Aquino sa isang episode ng The Buzz. I do have a role in our little presentation pero it’s easier to cover up whatever my real costume is kasi I will play a consul naman. Plus, I am asked to facilitate the games I made for the party (will tell you about them soon but so far, my favorite is “Balloonatic”!) so I may not have time to change at all.

Hah, no pasok tomorrow because of Thanksgiving!! Honestly, hindi ko naman mafeel. For many of us, tomorrow is just a day off from work. Naipit pa yung Friday kasi nag-declare si Pres. Arroyo that instead of the 30th, non-working holiday na lang ang 29th. Brrr, I am one of those who was not able to file my leave on this day. Oh well, I really can’t be absent din naman kasi Tita Beth filed a leave na rin. Gee, by Friday, it will only be Eiselle, Noime, Susan (who’s deadma always, except when she asks for something) and I. Syempre, magbo-blog lang kami maghapon. Buwahaha!!

Oh, I bought a new book (again) tonight. Since I received my bonus I got to buy 10 books na. Will run them down on my next post. One thing’s for sure…I am so super happy. I have Zsazsa Zaturnnah na (complete details in my next post)!!! Reading it gave me the greatest laugh trip I remember I had in recent memory. Super funny.

Another thing, I decided not to blog about my meeting with Mar Roxas. Wala lang. I would like to keep the details of that meeting close to my heart. Hehehe..neat ‘no? I may end up not divulging everything so wag na lang. Maybe in my real journal na lang di ba? Basta one thing I will never forget was how he looked at my shoes, dirty as ever (and I like them that…it gives me the feeling that the shoes are really being used), and only God knows what could he have thought of me. Buwahahaha!!! But then, he might not thought of it. Di ba it happens na you’re looking at something pero you’re mind naman tlaga is thinking of something else? I have a feeling it was like that with him. Or at the very least, ganun na lang. Otherwise, Mar may remember me, not as the one who worked for the Embassy, not the one who kinda “office-serviced” something, but the lady who has dirty square-toed black shoes. Hehe, at least unique! When Mar and I bump into each other he can just say, “I remember you! Ikaw ‘yung may maduming sapatos di ba?” But hey, it is not as dirty as you think of it now. It’s not just squeaky clean na parang bagong shine. Kung ganun yun baka isipin ni Mar Roxas nagpapa-cute ako sa kanya ‘no. In his dreams. Hehe.


next: My new books! 2 new song revivals which make me appreciate the original versions more! Pictures!

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