i didn’t go to the office this morning. kasi ba naman, i slept with all my windows open kaya ayun, i felt like hardened cement paggising ko. mwehe. anyway, i conditioned myself kaya nakapasok na rin ako ng after lunch. and whew, tons of work to do. i don’t want to blog about how these new bosses are making our work harder. as in. kasi eh…hmph.

anyway, over the weekend, i got to watch angels in america. three of the four people i talked to did not like it. hello, why naman?? it is not as real as one expects. hello. maybe if you’ve read american gods by neil gaiman you’ll be able to appreciate this tv movie more. i have not gotten to the 2nd part though…and i am hoping na that dvd i bought won’t fail me. i bought it for P75 in divisoria. akalain ko bang more than 6 hours ata yung buong yun. di ko kinaya, i only watched the 1st part which had three chapters. wala pang gaanong moments si meryl streep, so i believe yung pang-award moments nya eh nasa second part…she gets to play different roles. well, many of them did. al pacino was in his shittiest best..o baka may hangover pa rin ako dun sa role nya sa insomnia, which i also watched last saturday naman. and oh, jeffrey wright as belize is undeniably the best. basta. galing nya. that resto scene alone got me. and appearance pa lang…former drag queen slash nurse na kalbo..san ka pa? hehe. basta galing. but ten, based on what i watched pa lang, justin kirk as the homosexual prior walter was also good. please try to see it. i will finish the 2nd part this weekend. i am refraining from reading different sites about it nga eh..just don’t want spoilers.

at hindi pala sira dvd player namin kasi nag-play yung spongebob na dvd ni eiselle. wee, sobrang aliw ako. i finished disc 1 of the first season…all 20 episodes (?). will finish disc 2 this weekend din. i also started 13 going on 30. okay lang…vcd naman kasi eh kaya i stopped muna after the first disc. tinamad lang ako.but the movie is funny. light. okay lang.

my blood pressure is down to 90/60 again. dapat ka bang nagpapakuha ng BP if you have your period? that could have made the difference. at any rate, my Mom won’t accept any justification for staying up late. hokey.

Categories: Random Judie

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