first serving.

whew, our consular holiday party is over. more about it tomorrow. i am so tired tonight and tomorrow, we have to be in the office before 9 am for the credit union general assembly.

belated happy birthday to my ate liza, whom i was so “comatose” to greet on her 25th year (yes, she probably stopped counting a gazillion years ago).

somebody explained to me the mechanics surrounding the credit cooperative lending system. kasi i complained why my dividend is so low, wala pang 100 pesos!! eh kasi pala i am not borrowing money from the union, ergo, i don’t help in making it subsist. kasi di ba credit unions subsist through members loaning in/significant amount of money? so even if it was too late, i decided to join the bandwagon. tutal, mag-papasko naman, it won’t hurt to have some money. kaso yun nga, wala rin…because…i bought this:

this is one of panasonic’s d-snap digicams…it’s actual model is SV-AS10. it’s super slim. more importantly, it’s not just a digicam and (short) video recorder, it’s also an mp3 player! i have not paid it in full. heck, i have not given my first payment! pero many people are saying it’s a good deal. it’s brand new and has one minor glitch, not with the gadget itself…all of the components are in good working condition…basta meron sa periphery nya na nagulat ako. but this is the kind of prob that resourcefulness can resolve. i will share it soon if it’s already pissing me off.

grabe, i’m so sleepy na. hope to post pics from the party tomorrow. by the way, do grab a copy of people asia‘s yearender issue. it will be available this monday.

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