So, how’s your Christmas?

Mine’s okay. It was different from all my past Christmases but it’s still fun. We had too many people yesterday, err, until now, and it’s such a happy sight seeing relatives chat about anything (plus they have gifts for me..harhar!).

It was different this year because I was ill. Last Friday night, after taking a bath, I noticed super red rashes all over my chest, neck and nape. And well, my face. I thought it was because of my loofah but hey, I don’t scrub my face with my loofah so it’s gotta be something else. Then they said it was German measles. The outbreak came 36 hours after I came from a whole night of fever, the first that I had it the longest, according to my Mom. Good thing I was strong enough not to be in bed so there was no need to go to the hospital. All I took were home medications and of course, isolation from the rest of the people in the house, visitors included. And they say it gets worse when you’re hit by air (though it’s impossible to not be hit by air, otherwise, how would I survive ‘no?) so I’m on my second day now of just staying in the room, reading or watching, or yes, going online and funny that I don’t feel dull at all (except for the heat). I got to say customary “Hellos” and “Merry christmases” to the visitors afterwhich I went back upstairs again, especially if there were kids. As of this moment, I still have traces of the rash in my chest, belly and left thigh but I’m thankful na rin that they subsided easily. I really need to go out soon because I still need 3 stickers for my Starbucks planner!

And oops, I have to confess that I did go out once yesterday. As in I sneaked out for a while and went outside because I need to buy a new internet card. That’s two blocks of “getting hit by (polluted) air”. Nothing happened naman, my condition didn’t worsen. I dunno if nobody noticed me because of all the activity in the house or they just decided to forget about it because nothing bad happened (I think it’s the former). I was just struck when I saw garbage men doing business as usual on Christmas. You know, yung mga tao ng Leonel Waste Management riding the blue garbage truck. It makes you realize na sobrang napakaswerte mo na at that day, you got to prepare food not just for your consumption, but for other people’s, na madaming natitira dun sa mga food, then aside from that you get to exchange gifts..tapos yung mga taong yun, ayun, namumulot at nagso-sort ng basura. Kung pwede lang na lahat tayo pare-pareho na lang ng estado sa buhay. I mean, hindi naman yung equal sharing ng wealth or possession pero yung equal opportunity lang to have something on the table, to have something new to wear, or to be able to share. Ang possession naman is still a preference, pero it will be better kung walang ganung sight pag Pasko..grabe, nakakaiyak talaga!

And it may seem to be a lousy spinoff but I am planning to watch 4 movies of the Metro Manila Filmfest: Mano Po 3, Happy Together (like ko si Kris Aquino eh, mwehe!), Panaghoy sa Suba and Aishite Masu (in Korina Sanchez parlance, it’s ‘ayshite masoo’ – hehe!). See, pwede naman palang gumawa ng matitinong movies eh. Sana tuloy tuloy na. A support base cannot be made easily, it should be built on trust and credibility. Minsan kasi they give up easily eh..yung ibang filmmakers. They get to produce good films na syempre sa start, it will not be supported, hindi kikita, kaya ayun, balik na naman sa mga walang kakwenta-kwentang mga productions, o di kaya ginagawa lang twice a year…pang-Manila Filmfest at eto nga pang-Metro Manila Filmfest. Since they gamble on making these films, I hope they would gamble more pa until maukilkil (hanep, lalim) sa perception ng moviegoers that movies like those are what we should support and we should not settle for so-so films. I believe it could work. So going back to my choices, I hope I get to watch the four soon.

Kayo naman, kwento kayo ng Christmas nyo.

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