Judie and my wish list (not too late for one..calling my friends out there…)

The two albums I most want to have:

I know I am not known to like rock music but I loved Switchfoot since I heard Meant To Live. Dare You To Move is also gawd.

If I can find you now, things will get better…We can leave this town and run forever…

And three books I’ve been looking for but pfft (either I don’t have enough money to afford it or there are no stocks):


I once thought to give this as a Christmas gift for my bosses but decided not to. I don’t wanna share it. Ayan tuloy wala akong makita.

I have been tagged “odd” by no less than the Consul General because of this choice (well, not really for this choice alone but this one alongside with Zsazsa Zaturnnah and Kiss My Tiara..which has the subtitle How to Rule the World as a Smartmouth Goddess).

And oh, Judie.

Judie is a pig. She is part of “and friends” of Hongkong’s Pork Chop and Friends. These pigs are the ones you see in Humor Post. I used to pass by Judie even though not a few people commented that I should make Judie my fave character instead of Tigger, since, you know, her name is Judie and she’s fat, and my name is Judith and I am..ehem. But I love Tigger so much already so I won’t give him up. As you will notice, I’ve been signing my name in tagboards and guestbooks as “Judie Tigger” and not Juditigger…because yes, I looorve Judie the pig now. However, liking her will entail spending more because Judie stuff from Humor Post are darn expensive. Simple yet expensive. But heck, I love her now.


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