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I realized that I have to drag my ass to some place so I won’t feel that my Saturdays are boring but fast. Since I went out today, even for a mere four hours, I felt that this day is longer than my usual Saturdays.

I met Kathy, my kumare, to give my *brace yourselves* Christmas gift to my goddaughter, Asha. We just had no time to meet over the holidays. The vain that I am, of course, I took pics:

Pardon the glare. I intend to get a shot of me and Emma Alegre, whoever she is. This is one thing I do not miss when eating at Cafe Bola. Kathy and I were laughing hard with the idea that there is already a Liwayway Magazine back in December 3, 1957.

Kathy here was mouthing repeatedly, “Hindi tayo kasya sa frame, hindi tayo kasya sa frame…” snap! Sadly, Emma was the one who was not taken. I was not able to ask her too what’s with her plaster drama.

We both craved for ice cream after lunch so we looked for a kiosk. It could have been that Magnolia scoopery in Glorietta Activity Center but I said I am craving for a big cone. We ended up in Häagen-Dazs Cafe. Stupid me, I never asked to have it served on an ice cream cone. It was good though.

This is their Ultimate Indulgence (which is also ultimately expensive). It’s composed of Rum Raisin, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Belgian Chocolate Chocolate, topped with almond bits and choco sprinkles (everything was our choice). We wanted Bailey’s Irish Cream but they were not serving it today.

Us, after devouring the ice cream.

Sa menu, there was a Banoffee ice crem. Our convo went like this, ako muna:

“Banoffee? For sure, banana and coffee yan. Corny.”

“It’s better. Kesa naman..Conana. Mas pangit di ba?”

Kathy and I are not the kind of friends who catches up with each other on a regular basis. Before we parted today, when she asked when can we meet again, we agreed that we should not just plan it, just let it happen. We make fun of a lot of things when we’re together but we actually update each other with mature stuff too, especially me being the ninang of her daughter. We talked about her recent plans and how it would affect her and Asha’s life. I don’t know if I mentioned before how we became friends. Our college boyfriends were buddies/blockmates. Kathy and I were both from UPM, though of different undergrad courses. Since they have the same sched, our then-boyfriends would be together waiting for us in the Arts and Sciences gate. Since they’re friends, it would follow that we should be at least acquainted too. So gradually, we became close, sometimes we text each other if the sched that one boyfriend said is true, etc. In the end, we broke up, they broke up, I have no idea if the two guys now are still in touch, and Kathy and I are well…still friends..and now mag-kumare. I find it cute sometimes. And oh, here are recent pics of Asha. Hay, ang sarap ata ng may baby. Nyorks.

 And other pics…

This was during Erielle’s 7th birthday last Feb. 13. Children’s party, so I should participate eh? Ang sarap mag-color. And darn, I realized I do not know the names of the seven dwarves! I got them all in the kiddie puzzle but not without the help of others! I totally forgot. Sheesh.

See…even Tita Ditos had to do it.

This is one game which should not be made in a kiddie party. I mean, you should never make fun of adults this way. Make them do kid stuff and it will make them look like more hilarious. Here, Eman, along with the other “dads” and “titos” had to dance whatever and the kids will judge who’s the best. Duh. When Eman started to do his thing, we all shouted, “Eman, tama naaaaa!!!!” Wala lang.

Erensse and Tito Erwin, who left early!

And this was last Thursday….

Snapshot. Tita Beth and Sandy would kill me because of this.

Eiselle and yours truly. Nangungulit lang.

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