i was barely awake when my lovable niece-slash-goddaughter started talking to me about piolo pascual.

two years ago, she just turned three then, i told her that piolo pascual is my boyfriend. she believed it to the point when she had a school trip and they ate at Max’s where piolo has this life-size image, she exclaimed, “that’s my ninang’s boyfriend!” her gullible classmates then asked her yaya, “true po ba na boyfriend nya si ployo?” the ever kunsintidor yaya said, “oo, totoo yun!”

i haven’t seen her in a while but surprisingly she never forgot it. when she was talking to me, she asked me first if piolo is still my boyfriend. i said no, we broke up but we’re still friends. she then told me, “kasi ninang, sabi nya sa the buzz he’s not bading.” i laughed. i assured her that piolo is not bading.

“sino na boyfriend mo now, ninang?”

i didn’t answer.

“ah alam ko na, si mar yoxas,” she said pointing to the Mar Roxas thingie that Kathy sent me which is in my dresser (uhm, it was also a calendar so that should explain it, eh?).

“e ninang, nakita ko binigyan nya ng flowers si korina eh,” she thought for a while.

“well, korina and i are also friends,” i said.

she then left me and i heard her tell her mom what she just learned.

ha-ha. i’ll wait for that day when she’ll come up to me and say that i have been fooling her all along. ha ha ha….

i’m a bad, one hell of a liar ninang!

Categories: Citizen Judie

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