a phase

serious bleh. don’t want to work anymore.

i had been typing an entry titled “important realizations” and the contents are really serious. it’s still a draft.


busy, busy. but i do not like what i’m doing. however, i’m thinking how would i jump from one place to another without settling my duties presently. in short, sinong tatanggap sa ‘yo kung nagrereflect ang tamad-tamarang performance mo sa huling pinagtrabahuhan mo??? hah, but you know what…even if i quit now, i don’t know where would i go. i simply don’t know what i want. is it too early to take a sabbatical leave? fff.

career psychologists will be out of jobs trying to figure out what my dilemma really is.

chaos, chaos. my desk is a pigsty. no tinge of guilt even if as deputy supervisor i have the lowest production output in the team. even if the backlog piles up.

i really don’t like working anymore. but it will be detrimental if i do not work. even sons and daughters of affluent families work.

i just don’t like working anymore.

read, sleep, watch TV. that will make me happy. about the previous post missing my work for one day? crap. big crap. i realized i miss it because i don’t have this fast internet access at home. it will be unacceptable but i foresee myself getting fired for below par performance in the next few months.

i just don’t want to work anymore.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie

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