My cellphone’s busted!!!

Grr. I was on a roll sending (pathetic) Saturday messages when it flashed, “Not enough capacity to perform operation, throw this phone and buy a new one.” I think that’s what it said. Then I turned it off, as I always do when it flashes that warning thing (even though I deleted most of my messages and most pictures from the gallery — plus I only have three sound clips apart from those installed so I don’t know what’s the problem), and when I turned it on again after five minutes, there was the Nokia logo, flashing in front of me forever. I waited for it to work, hoping it was just recharging itself, or whatever it was doing internally. I gave up after finishing one 6-item Figgerits. I turned it off, removed the battery, let it rest for a while while I slept as well. Now, after two hours, I turned it on again, with a prayer, and it’s still the same. Omaygas.

For many people, they will just go, “I’ll bring it to a cellphone repair shop tomorrow” but I’m really different. I don’t know when did it start but I usually am negative about things that have gone wrong. I do not have much faith in “repair people” too. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m blocking off these hope vibes, and my mind has a big chunk of distrust towards repair people that I think they would never fix any thing that I brought to them and they would just kinda swindle me. Man, I’m so bad. Maybe it’s because of those rotten taxi drivers who, no matter how much you exert your right as a paying customer, would just do shit on you. Hay, I don’t want to start on this again. As you know, my anger management is still not in place and it gets worse every incident when I get ticked off. I have not just blogged about it but I made people feel miserable with things I said only over this summer. I’m a bad person. The often target of my salbahe-mode were sales staff, delivery people, stupid callers, butthead officemates…no,I don’t want to go there as yet. This summer is probably when I’m in my bitchest best, in all of my 23 years and 5 months of life.

Even if I decide to get a new phone, I will not lose everything that I got in my old one because everything there is in my memory card (Judie thinks..yeah, they are there…). Maybe it’s the idea of losing the phone that I’m sad about. See, it’s been recenlty when I lent it to a friend. When he returned it, it has one dent, one very visible dent, and I really felt bad. I waited for him to say sorry because there’s no way that he could not have seen that dent. But he did not. Kapal ng mukha eh. Burara ako sa gamit but I managed to keep that phone dent-free for the longest time. Hay naku, even if I vowed not to lend that person anything again, as he is in the habit of borrowing my digicam whenever he travels, I still feel bad everytime nakikita ko yung dent. Then eto ngayon. Darn. Hindi kaya karma naman ito?

Having said all of that, I would like to say sorry to my friends if I am not able to respond to most of your messages. Hindi ko pala kaya ng walang cellphone. I cannot use my Mom’s or the spare one kasi all the numbers are in my memory card nga. I will get tired of texting people na, “Sorry, my fone’s busted, i don’t know who owns this number. hu u?”, and they might get offended din. So sorry…I hope there will be a positive thing about this dilemma tomorrow. I miss my phone.

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