I was so wrong. Only pictures were in my memory card! Everything else—waahh…nasa phone memory! Waaaahhhh!!!!!!

I brought my cellphone where I bought it last year. They repaired it free of charge, they even said that cellphones like mine are commonly struck by that “hanging-and everything-will-be-gone” disease. My phone’s almost a year old and it has been through a lot of hitting the floor (concrete AND carpeted, name it! ) since I had it. So in short, the guy got it done but told me that everything I had in my phone memory will be gone. At first, it will not really sink in but when you’re browsing your phone and you find that the things you treasured for a year are really not there anymore…major depression ito! Grabe.

In truth, the pictures that were left in the gallery, parang did not appease me. Kasi all of them have been transferred to my computer na, most of them are even in my photobucket account. Mas sayang yung messages na antagal na sa phone mo. Whew. I have 147 messages in my inbox, mga daily quotes from Kathy, mostly. But what’s more important were the ones in separate folders…93 messages from this person that I really admire; 12 from another one I also admire; 64 from Kathy, as in personal ones; 56 from this person that I am just getting to know (syempre may kilig factor pa yun); and 17 from my friends in this yahoo group. Waaahhh!!!!!!

Ang sakit sa dibdib!!!!

Categories: Citizen Judie, Random Judie

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