ten big ones

*yes, the same title as janet evanovich’s tenth installment in the stephanie plum series 🙂

1st monthsary na ni apple in a few days, well, as mrs. harvey. i’m so happy for her. happiness radiates whenever i see her. for someone who rarely opens up about the goings-on in her life, i can see that she’s very proud when greeted about her current status.

it was a rather disappointing experience eating at cafe milano for the 2nd time. the pre-ordering scheme did not work. i was tempted to ask if the one who took the orders wrote it on air. not only we had to wait, they kept on giving us the wrong orders. however, the food’s fantastic (despite the “less creamier” penne al pesto). the formaggi pizza was superb.

3 discs to go and i’m done with meteor rain. finally, i can give it back to rachel.

it’s our bowling season in 4 days. i signed up again for the uniform. hehe. i’ll go practice on monday though, for posterity sake. 🙂

kats is on her 5th month of pregnancy. it must be so weird for me looking at her tummy when i get the chance. it’s just amazing that inside that round bulge beneath her blouse is a human being. she told me she feels it moving sometimes. despite the discomfort and the apparent change in your life after bringing another human being in this world, i still want to have a baby. *sigh*

joy told me that erwin and her celebrated their 6th month together. it’s been six months pala. i have to say that erwin really did a lot to joy and i will not expound on it so as not to spark discussion. i do not know much about what they’ve done for half a year but suffice it to say, i’m happy that they are happy. i kid joy sometimes that we are both senatorial partners. see, erwin looks like kiko pangilinan at first glance…in fact, when we went to this comedy bar where the sharon cuneta impersonator, without any provocation from any of us, noticed and called him, “Kiko”. and no need to tell why i said i am a senatorial partner. hehe.

i did not know that powerboks in robinson’s manila opened 7 days ago! syempre na-disorient na naman ako, as i always do when i step into any bookshop. the place is smaller than most branches, even than the one in glorietta. but who cares? they sell books! and i got to submit my powercard application as well. and i guess i have to tell you that since it’s a payday when i dropped by, i will definitely have budget meals next week because i once again splurged, big time.

multiply 8 by 18…that’s my ideal body weight for my height. and i am almost 20 pounds overweight. ohshite.

no time to meet oskee because brent will open their classes on the 9th daw. he’s only a couple of years older but priorities really do change when you have children already.

i left powerbooks at 10 past six. that’s an hour spent roaming the small store, and buying books again. a little guilt there but it can’t top the satisfaction. who cares? it’s my money. anyway, i finally have my own haruki murakami book. i bought sputnik sweetheart. i decided to skip my own copy of midnight’s children because someone sent me an e-book (but i plan to buy it soon too) and the authorized biography of madeleine albright. books, books! i so love them. no books vs. no boyfriend, ill definitely can live with the latter.

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