juday and ryan

i confess: kinikilig ako sa kanilang dalawa! hahahaha!!!

in truth, i rarely get kilig with pairs, be it on screen or otherwise. okay lang, say, two people display affection for each other. i can only remember several pairs that i got kilig, and i have to say hindi lang naman ako ang nag-iisang kinikilig ano! so it must be really something to be giddy about. when i was young(er), i liked richard gomez and dawn zulueta. maybe that time, i was trying to build my vision of what a perfect couple must be, and what a great pair they made di ba? they’re both good-looking, parang god and goddess talaga. then after almost a decade, eto si mar roxas at korina sanchez naman, hehe! see, it’s like having a glimmer of hope na even if you reach middle age, pwede ka pa pala kiligin. i guess their respective images brought kilig to the mystery that surround them; and despite people saying that their relationship is all for show, based on what i saw personally, read, and watched, i can say that mar roxas loves korina more than korina loves mar. opinion ko lang naman. anyway, i digress…

lately, judy ann (honestly, all this time i thought it’s spelled ‘judy anne’) and ryan have been hogging entertainment pages and showbiz-oriented shows because of their relationship. i am not really super fascinated but it’s something good to see, i dunno why. see, i like ryan since i saw him as a lanky penshoppe model a decade ago along with paolo bediones, then as someone who had the same college course as mine (UP manila and la salle are the only universities offering the course), but i never got to follow what he did with his career. lalo pa kay juday but obviously she’s been around forever! and even because of my name, i vividly remember earning the moniker ‘ula, batang gubat’ after a summer of frolicking in the water and getting so negra, kasi magkamukha daw kami nung bata ako (well, Ula era pa nya noon).

many say that they’re an unlikely couple kasi ryan is your typical sosyal, well-bred guy while judy ann is a jologs, baduy icon. hasty observers would easily say that, aminin!!! pero come to think of it, how much do we know of judy ann and ryan? ang mean ng ganun di ba? for someone who can also be judgmental and tactless, i didn’t see the juday-ryan affair that way. in fact, na-happy pa ako that they’re together. let me tell you, hindi ako nakapanood ever ng krystala ha, yung mga pa-peek lang kasi nanonood yung housemates mo pero di ko tlaga nasundan kung bagay ba sila or what. napansin ko lang lately.

what i just want to say is that i’m amused kasi they really look good together. they may even bring out the best in each other, or the side that we have not seen. in a way, yung image ni juday na parang very restrained ng manager nya at ng family nya helped her this time because she remained mysterious at hindi tulad nung ibang artista in her league na…uhm, wag na nga. with regard to the fusion of two different social entities, well, i don’t see a problem there. yung iba kasi they think, “ang baduy ni juday for him!” pero think about it, do we really know what constitutes baduy in the first place? and given the “pop cultural” explanation of what it is, given na baduy si judy ann..man, who earns lotsa bucks because of it? admittedly, yung kinikita ni judy ann in a commercial na nag-effort lang sya ng ilang araw eh hindi ko kikitain in a year. for all we know, some of us can’t and won’t even afford to buy the same stuff she has. she’s even richer than ryan himself 🙂 kaya wala tayong karapatang magmaganda at manghusga. hahahaha!!!!

suffice it to say, i like seeing them lately, or just like when ryan’s MUP co-hosts tease him every morning. maybe not as much as i like, say, mar and korina, or mar and I (hehe), but still, it’s something good to watch and hear, kesa naman mga news items ng mga nagpapaka-kontrobersyal na boldies habang wala pang movie offers. wish ko lang wag ng mag-meddle big time yung manager ni juday. panira. hahahaha!!!! opinion lang naman :).

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