i tried boxing! :)

before anything else, i did not realize how funny it was that i got to meet with siblings for two different dates (let’s just connote it as wholesomely as possible). i had lunch with rayan then after office i had my first ever boxing trial with his sister, rachel. what’s funnier was i wore my bewitching capiz shirt (lovingly sent by my friend kathy) while training. nakakaaliw di ba?

anyhoo, it’s as if i was run over by a hundred horses. my body aches like hell. but as first times in any physical workout, i know this is bound to happen. but i’m definitely coming back.

the newly-opened elorde gym in makati was smaller than i thought. they have courteous and very patient trainers though. when we went last night, we outnumbered the trainers so there was no real one-on-one workout for the hour-and-a-half duration. it worked for me naman coz the times my trainer went to see other people, i got to rest longer. hindi ko kaya yung ilang seconds lang tapos round na ulit, please. maybe in the next sessions i can get used to it. i used to be kinda edgy before it started but it all went away when all of us were busy doing our own thing. at least, apart from my trainer, ako lang tlaga nakakakita ng madalas that i look like a total idiot out there, hehe. as in total dweeb kasi tlaga. pati coordination ng paa at arms, it’s as if i was two different people. i can really see my trainer’s eyes asking me, “what the hell are you doing?” hahaha! the warm-up exercises were even more difficult than the jab-jab-jab-forward-backward thing. i really had a lot of dweeby movements but i don’t care. maybe not as much as the hurt i feel now but i know this will pass. hay, i can’t tell more na. if you wanna try it, go. the gym is along tordesillas st. i heard rachel say to the cab driver it’s like on or near the makati sports club.

to my dear online buddy tink, i loved it! my body didn’t though! but i’ll keep on going. i’m gonna send before and after pics! hahaha!!! weird! but thanks for the encouragement, i’m off to buy my own handwrap soon! i just hope merong orange, and orange gloves too! hehe! para tiggerific 🙂

thanks to rachel too for inviting me. i look forward to more work, ken, lovelife, diet and whatever conversations, pati paglalakad sa tordesillas st. habang malakas ang ulan with colorful and dysfunctional umbrellas, hanggang paghihintay ng ride sa pasong tamo (chino roces na pala sya ngayon, hehe). i so had fun.

i just have to say that yesterday was extra special. bear with me, it’s one of those days when i get all happy but the cynic that i am, i know some things are not really meant to fluorish anyway. i hope, like my muscle pains, this passes too. you know why? i’m really a chicken when it comes taking risks.

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