i opened my eyes at 5 in the morning with a smile on my face. let’s just say i slept happy last night. a general lesson: don’t expect. happiness brought by something received unexpectedly is just…super. forgive my choice of word.

i have a generally healthy outlook towards my office life now. i am not as…let’s just say, disinterested, as before. my work is good, something to be proud of, something to be thankful for. yes, because i earn from doing a desk job day after day.

i am smiling now even if i left my phone at home. i may not be able to return text messages but i’ll get used to it within today. except for a business deal which i should be able to act on as soon as i get home! my life’s changing already, i should not limit text message expectations from friends and whoever.

i am smiling now even if a tagger said that erin tanada is gay. no comment on the matter. as i said, it doesn’t matter. check out his current pic in the liberal party website. he really looks like my ex. tss. appearance does not matter to me as much as the substance between the ears. i’ve met too many good looking men, and while i still get mesmerized, at the end of the encounter, i judge by the apparent substance of the person. one can’t have it all so i prefer men with sense. a pointy nose is a real plus so when we end up with each other, i’ll try every positions possible so our baby’s nose ends up like his. wow, did i just say that?

and here is a picture almost three years ago (?). the attributes of a picture from a camphone. see me there? that’s a forehead that can sink a thousand ships. holy molly.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Categories: Random Judie

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