i need you to tell me what you think

I am really depressed today. I guess it’s part of living well this erratic personality that I have.

There are so many issues looming in my head right now, and while I would like to have answers, I can only use some enlightenment, because only I can ultimately affirm what I feel.

* I get really upset with silence. Truth to tell, it is easier for me to accept the status quo with bombardment of information flying by, conflicting or otherwise. What is difficult here is that you do not deserve to question the silence. It’s like saying you cannot question Kris Aquino for keeping silent about her private affairs now, even if she’s the greatest blabbermouth ever to walk this planet. Classic case of, “Wala kang pakialam.” With this, I can confirm that I will never be an artsy person…because it is very difficult for me to even draw a line. It will be hard for me to be like a wire person or something, because I’m too stubborn to detach.

* Higher position or higher studies? You can only choose one. Say, you really aspire to work abroad, particularly for an international organization (i.e., UN, UNDP, WHO, IMF-WB, etc), would you say that you need a higher educational degree or a higher work position to be more, uhm, “marketable”? Take note that your undergraduate course is pretty decent, while your present job position IS already playing second fiddle to the higher position that will be vacant in the near future.

Enlightenment, enlightenment.

* I don’t know if there is a manual on how to cover your ass perfectly in a sensitive and classified environment. I would like to think I am doing a good job at it but honestly, there are moments when I ask myself, what am I doing here?

Enlightenment, enlightenment.

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