if you love someone, set him free. if he comes back, set him on fire.

i got that from a joke site that Eiselle visited, just forgot the exact address. literally, it’s so mean. figuratively, hmm…tell me about it. oh baby. haha.

a lot of people i know are not feeling well again. tss. i am ill myself. i hope this isn’t bird flu. haha.

it is amazing that no matter how bad you feel for a long period of time, a simple but sweet note can make everything go away in a snap. just like that. if i can get used to this then i won’t be lonely as hell. another lesson learned.

we were soundtripping this morning and, ehem, my themesong went …

paano mapipigil ang isang damdamin
kung ang sinisigaw ikaw ang lahat sa akin…

then i realized hindi naman siya “lahat sa akin”. mga 1/4 lang. i still love myself more. plus books, plus tigger.

Categories: Random Judie

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