eating out, sex, jojo a., etc

i am sick. in the head, it’s a given. but no, i am so not feeling well since yesterday. aarrrrrggggh. yet i can’t miss work because they would be all piled up when i return anyway. plus i’m going to miss everyone.

in fact, even if i’m with them everyday, i miss the things we do, like eating out after office, trying the newly-opened restaurants in manila. that’s why last night, despite my feeling woozy i went with my girls plus joy and erwin to U.N. ave to eat. i so miss doing that. and the laughter and random gagoness. shucks, ang sagwa no? gagoness. anyway, wala naman talaga matino sa aming lahat ‘no, so we ended up talking about marriage (it’s sandy’s wedding anniversary but she’s separated na so death anniversary na pala yung cinelebrate, haha), pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and even sex. fuuunnn. dami ko natutunan, hehe. and no matter how modern anesthesiology has gotten over the years, ang hirap manganak pala tlaga. bigla tuloy nadissolve ang desire ko na magka-baby. hooo. tapos in the midst of our trying-to-be-intelligent-as-possible talk about sex, bigla akong naakusahang nirerape si *blank* sa aking mind. bastos. haha. guilty. joke. (oops, internet literate na mommy ko, finally kaya dapat na ako mag-ingat ingat!)

then i am still so ill today. walang boses, parang may cactus sa throat. shucks. o, mark this blog entry, baka ako na ang unang casualty ng avian flu dito sa pilipinas (katok sa kahoy tatlong beses). speaking of kahoy, i decided to start eating healthy today. i shopped for fruits last night and made my own fruit lunch for today, then ipepair ko yung lasang kahoy/papel na Jacob’s low fat, high fiber biscuits. goodluck to me.

part of what keeps me going today is the fact that i heard his voice this morning. whatta nice way to start the day. mamayang gabi i’ll try to see if i’ll hear him again. nanood sana kayo ng magandang umaga pilipinas. heee. and a shameless plug to the lowest level…Mar Roxas will be in Wazzup Wazzup tonight.

now, apart from working, they are in the middle of finding out how to nullify a marriage whose certificate has discrepancies (a.k.a. untrue dates and places) in the first place. kung bakit ba kasi nagpapakasal pa. well, i dunno if i’ll change my mind about marriage when i feel it’s time to settle down. at this rate, marriage is the primary cause of divorce di ba? hahaha.

p.s. who among you has watched Jojo A All the Way on cable? I forgot what channel it was but i saw it last night. It’s like a poor pinoy imitation of conan o’brien. ang host si jojo alejar, isang alumni ng that’s entertainment. i’m telling you, kung gusto matawa, manood kayo. the audio is so poor, yung band members na nasa gilid ang papayat, tas wala pa sa timing yung percussion pag nagpapa-punchline yung host. riot, grabe. one joke he made, kahit bulok, made me chuckle. tama daw pala yung accusation ni mike defensor na involved si jamby sa illegal logging. kasi nung tinaas nya sa presscon table yung hita nya to show her bruises, people daw gushed, “wow, logs!” funny pero yung punchline na yan ay galing kay pol medina jr, doon sa pugad baboy! this show reminded me of a defunct noontime show titled “lunchbreak”. pasaway yong show na yon, esp one of their contests na cheerleading for badings. alam nyo yung typical payat na bakla tas every step or formation na gagawin nila, be it a pyramid o magcacartwheel sila, maririnig mo lagi yung, “5,6,7,8!” haha,those were the days. unemployed pa ako noon kaya napanood ko yan. hahaha.

aaaarrrggghhh………di ko na kaya. hay. mamaya magugulat si manong na kumukuha ng trash ko, dahil ang trash bin ko ay puno ng tissue paper. ick.

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