4 things in less than 48 hours

I went to and returned from Cavite in less than 48 hours. It was a good trip, and it’s always refreshing to breathe deeply without worrying that when you start to exhale you’ll simultaneously do a countdown of your mortality. I got to run a few meters back and forth, too. I got to eat veggies and stuff they say were ‘healthy’. I got to read peacefully (a romance novel, mind you). I got to daydream of my future family, more importantly (huwahaha). All done in less than 48 hours. I got four things about it, in a gist:

@ Kids don’t like me. No matter how much I fantasize being a cool, loving, cheesy-mushy Mom in the foreseeable future, at least I have to see signs of it this early, eh? But kids do not really like me. Not that they hate me but we don’t have instant connection, whatever you can call it. Unless I bribe them with something to eat or play with, they don’t usually come to me. A very recent example was this little kid of one (or younger) who was a seat before me on the bus to Cavite. She’s with her Dad, her goodlooking Dad, and she was really adorable. The old lady beside them probably asked why was the Dad alone, because I just overheard the Dad telling the old lady that her wife just died. Too sad, and yes, I’ll admit part of why I want to play with the girl was because I sympathized with them, and yes, the Dad was cute. I quickly brushed off the malicious intent (haha) because recent widowers could be sensitive and vulnerable. Well, the little girl was being carried by her Dad on his lap, such that she was facing me. Believe me, I tried real hard to make her laugh, but all I got was a blank stare. I tried playing peek-a-boo with her, nothing happened. Still a blank stare. Then when the old lady and the conductor both played with her (they just babytalked the word HELLO!), she smiled, as in a big smile! The Dad even tried wiggling her hand to play with me but she just looked at me as if thinking what the hell I am doing in her planet. See, it’s not just yesterday. Unless kids are my blood relatives, or I have bribed them, they usually ignore me. Argh! I swear to be a very sweet Mommy, my future kids won’t want to be anywhere else but beside me! Bwahahaha!!!

@ Speaking of family, Rachel and I were texting about this current plan of ours, until it came to the subject of husbands. I don’t know what got into us but we ended up talking about our future partners. She preferably wants to marry a foreigner (and the hula on her at the Pan Pac party goes along that line, too!). I told her I want to marry a Filipino guy, or someone of Filipino descent, and I added that I feel I am going to meet him abroad. Doesn’t matter if he’s an overseas worker, or there on a visit or a study grant. Basta I told her I fantasize of meeting that future ‘him’ abroad then we’ll settle here pa rin in the Philippines. She also knows that if it doesn’t go as planned, that guy could be here all along but we’re gonna meet and/or hook up seriously maybe in two o three years pa. Heehee. Hmmm.

@ Speaking of texts, I miss texting my friends. I may not have texted a lot but I got to “send to many” most of the things that I was thinking of. Not all of them endured the text marathon (actually, only one did). Lately, I only text like the way it’s been designed, which is to get across a message of importance. Before I really text like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve always been on prepaid account and it costs me P1500 of load per month. Now, P450 to P600 usually does it. Last night though, I got to do it again, and I so missed it din pala. Even if my Dad annoyingly told me wala ng pahinga ang fingers ko, it was fun. Masarap mag-text lalo pag nagtatakutan.

@ Speaking of takutan, I realized I am not as chicken as before. I guess just like any other feelings, once you reach the peak, you get used to it, nothing can probably scare or hurt or make you happy after that. My turning point, I think, came after watching Feng Shui. Hahaha! Really. Not even after The Ring or The Sixth Sense but after Feng Shui. Sure, I can still get startled but my, say, “fear gene” isn’t working as actively as before. I can watch scary shows without covering my eyes, I can engage in conversations about ghosts and still be able to go to the comfort room alone, and sleep with only the bedside lamp on (although I’ve not mastered this one yet, hehe). Last night, I and the one who lasted texting me till almost midnight were scaring each other but surprisingly, hindi na ako affected. What with, “Awooo..” na mga text or “Wag ka lumingon baka anjan na yun moomoo”, nah, di na scary. In fact, nakaka-reply pa ako ng, “O sino yan katabi mo? Kapatid ba nyan yung nasa loob ng cabinet?” Through it all, I was stumped when he told me, I chose the wrong person to scare. Eh oo nga naman, taga-Capiz sya, who and what ghost story can still scare him, ano?

Now, I’m back home and in less than 48 hours, I’ll be off to work na naman. Hay…what’s new. Well, I should be thankful na nga rin, so I can save up for my planned trips (puro blueprint until now!), particularly that European tour next year (crossing my fingers!). Hopefully my travel companion can make it too, makaka-earn naman sya ng miles with this trip eh. If not, then I’ll go alone, which is my original plan in the first place.

~P.S. This is just me, I know, but more often, I like watching BBC more than CNN.

I only watched Catwoman tonight on HBO and I saw that Alex Borstein was there, as Patience’s co-worker. Alex is the funniest gag actress for me (and my basis of funny is MADTV funny, bear with me). She just creates hilarious personalities on the show. She’s talented, really. I caught her once in an old episode of Friends, playing a bitter woman on a one-woman stage play, where she’s not even credited. Oh well, just sharing.

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