i was out of the house after lunch time. i dropped by the office to pick up a lot of my personal stuff that have been there for, like, two years. i brought a huge bag and they all fit into it as i planned it 😀 my desk is immaculate, even my supervisor said so. she even tapped my table, and said she can see the surface now. haha. plus, i brought the artificial daisies i bought in divisoria last weekend (for really adorable stuff, go to anding’s specialty store in tabora st.!). i worked on two cases, too! naks.

several things:

1. i just found out that starbucks will again giveout planners for those who can complete their holiday coupon. they said it started only last friday anyway. i was happy because the toffee nut drinks are back! plus the creme brulee flavor, wonder how sweet it can be? the required stickers this year are fewer, and i am down to 20 stickers to go. i saw (and touched…) the planner for 2006 and while they say it’s better, i dunno, i love the style this year. for one, i’ve never had that much faith (and luck?) with sewn journals. i kept on ripping pages when i flip on them. maybe if it’s bound sturdier, it might last on me. the pages with dates now have lines on it but it gets “too papemelroti”, in my opinion, though papemel is really a great brand. i didn’t see if they still have the envelopes with postcards on it…i haven’t seen the “transition” pages per month. oh well, let’s just all make ourselves addicted to caffeine once more and let’s see how this new planner will fare 🙂

2. i just learned a rather sad news from my immediate supervisor who is due to retire next month. corollary to that update was a question raised by our american boss, if i intend to apply for the position that she will vacate. i told her i am still uncertain because i’ve set my mind on studying, even though i am not sure if i will be accepted anyway. it’s like a moment when you’re on a limbo. part of me does not really want to be the team’s boss. task-wise, i know i can handle, because in our work, everything really just comes and goes, so all of us are learning simultaneously every single day. the pressure that goes with it, that i can’t probably handle. our workplace has its share of brickbats thrown everywhere to just about everyone and at this point in my life, i see myself more as an active team player than a leader. now that she raised it again, i’m confused anew. i’m looking ahead at the other part of the ‘if’. true enough, i have nothing to lose; if i choose to apply and they decide to get someone else, i’m still deputy supervisor. but what if they decide to get me? as much as i would like to assure everyone that i will do a great job, i am looking at another goal apart from being a step higher in the workplace ladder. it’s a really great opportunity so i might regret it if i let it pass. on the other hand, there still could be other chances like, or probably better, than this one. i’ve had my share of plunging into things with half-baked interest, or because of spur-of-the-moment motivation, and i literally left them when i felt like leaving them. this one is not something that you can’t leave when you don’t feel like doing it anymore, unless you really want to mess up your life bigtime. so gauging from the tone of this, i don’t want to do it, do i? enlighten me, please.

3. i’m getting crazy because NBS ermita is having a hardbound books sale, as in almost all good titles are only P250. i have no money to spare for books when i dropped by a while ago. im shaking. haha.

4. who has applied for a canadian visa? the personal information supplemental form is annoying me. it’s obviously a very simple form so i wanna know, can i redo it, maybe in MS excel so the information would fit, and be more readable? wouldn’t the officer say, “what the hell were you doing messing up with our form?” answer, anyone?

5. who has seen a boxed DVD set of FRIENDS? pirated, of course. haha. i’ve never seen one during the heyday of my favorite dvd place in avenida (in front of shopper’s gold). but i did see a boxed set of will & grace, i dunno how many seasons was it but the box was huge, and it sells for P3000. anyway, if there is one, i might just consider buying it for myself as a christmas gift. or i’m thinking of going for the original, but i can only pay for a vcd set (which is around P700 per season). what do you think? my decision leans toward the vcd set (uhm, since our dvd player is broken?). help. help.


we aren’t over the debacle about our election results because a democratic exercise may really be so hard to do after all.

on the other end, should it really come to this?

and just when you believe that watching tv means cozying up in your couch or bed…this innovation comes. what’s next? well, to be fair, it’s always been inevitable.

don’t give us, women, a hard stare if we laugh hysterically over something. this justifies that action.


nighty night.

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