Kats had a baby!

What happened on Friday was fast but exciting. After our colleagues merienda blowout, a minute before we close for business, Kats opened the office door and said, “Guys, nag-break na yung waterbag ko!” So kahit she’s not as panicky, kahit pa I saw na she’s starting to get pale, and started shaking too, I rushed outside the office to take a cab for her. Mabilis pala ako mag-run pag ganon, even if (as you might be interested to know) the walk from the office itself till outside the main gate to the loading area literally takes forever.

Eksakto when I hailed a cab Kats and the girls went out na. Tas we let Kats ride the cab, sabay sabay pa kami, “Kats, ingat ha!” , “Kats, i-lock mo yung door!” Then when the cab sped away, sabay sabay din namin narealize, “Bakit walang sumama kay Kats?” Oh well, admittedly, kinulang sa quick but effective decision-making doon. Funny 🙂 Then it took us less than 10 minutes to wrap up our affairs for the day to follow her sa Makati Med. Sobrang nakunsumi pa samin yung boss namin kasi she thought one of us would go with Kats na then when she saw our hubs, naloka daw sya andon lahat ng bags namin.

At the hospital, we missed Kats by a few minutes, when we found where she is, she just went to the delivery room na sterile area. I just told the nurse to tell her that we’re all outside in case she needs anything. Wala kasi sya gaano family dito eh, hubby lang nya, her sis-in-law and their househelp. Joel, her hubby, came rushing from his office in Paseo de Roxas after a while. So yon, ang tagal ng wait pero we weren’t bored. We (actually I) were so noisy, kulang na lang may lumapit sa amin (sa akin) and i-tape sa bibig ko yong signage na “Observe Silence”. Ang sarap magkuwento pag tahimik ang paligid, plus ang daming funny na andon, so we just bashed them. Hehe.

After three hours, Sandy and Lalaine had to leave kasi sinundo na sila nung bro ni Sandy who brought us burgers for dinner. then two hours more, Tita Beth and I had to leave na kasi dumating na din si Kuya Carlo.

Then something creepy happened (but I still cling on my faith in God na it’s just coincidental noh?). Pero next entry na lang. So sleepy na. *yawns*

Categories: Citizen Judie

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