i have this long train of ideas before sitting down in front of the computer. now, all of them are gone. it annoys me that i get distracted by one simple text of, “i’m home but i got locked out.” bzzt.

i still feel miserable but it’s okay. sometimes, to keep the one that makes you happy, you have to face the greatest of hurt, too. i did that and i did not lose anyone, in fact, i’ve gained more. i’ve never felt this close. and if this is fate’s way of making me happy then as evidenced by recent events, i surrended myself to let it be.

one last thing…hecklers comfortably sitting behind cultured patrons in a ballet performance should be dragged out of the theater by their nostrils. hmph. bwisit.

just before i click on “publish post”, eto someone requested to type this on for your (yes, you, my regular reader) insight:

if a guy was given one full day to be with the person he really likes (take note, not loves), what would it take to make that moment really special? the scenario is it’s only the two of you in a place na walang makikialam, with the works…flowers, dinner, etc. dapat di masyadong magastos (kasi kuripot sya, pero secret lang, haha), pero at the end of the day, hindi nya makakalimutan.

pahabol pa nya, say dinner and flowers, then may konti pa natira sa budget. apart from a good conversation, what would it take para completely eh di na daw makalimutan ng girl yung date?

sagot, anyone?

ang sabi ko sa kanya, you cannot plan a GENERIC memorable date. am i right? kasi you cannot speak for the feelings of the other person. ideally, lahat ng namention na, just seal it with a sweet kiss. pwede na yon di ba?

your comments are very much welcome. go ahead and put some enlightenment, hirap na hirap na ang dibdib nitong kaibigan ko eh. di na sya makakain, di na sya makatulog…di pa makapasok ng bahay nila. i just hope he won’t kill me when he reads this. hehe.

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