King Kong

I got two free tickets from NWA for Kingkong. I went with Jacs because I can use his innate sarcasm so I can make sense of the movie. Turned out I was right.

Kingkong made me feel more tired than I already was after a long workday. It’s 3 hours plus of grueling fights and irrelevant moments combined. But it’s good. The effects are terrific, the fight scenes are so wow. In a small theater like the one in Powerplant, while all these “high-end” people were gushing, Jacs and I were laughing at whatever they were gushing at.

“It’s not necessary!”

“I thought it was a big boulder!”

“They have poor dental hygiene!”

“Kids will have nightmares! Eeeew!”

…and many more annoying snide remarks.

No offense meant to those who so loved the movie. The movie is impressive but it’s something that I can forget after sleeping on it or after 72 hours, whichever comes first in this very busy week I have.

P.S. I left my phone at home. To those sweetly texting me everyday (yihee), I’ll respond later. To my “dates”, I’ll be there tonight. See ya.

Categories: TV & Movie Buff Judie


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