King Kong thoughts part 2

So for all the flak I got over my so-so perception (read:personal) on Kingkong below, I decided to say more about it. Not that it should matter but for the sake of having a say on it before the initial entry ages out to a day, I have 11 random things to say:

1. Jacs my dear, the youngest of the “ship crew”, Jimmy, is not the son in 8 Simple Rules. That’s what I was told.

2. When they “chloroformed” Kong, how did they bring him back to NY with them? Think of it, S.S. Venture is on its last sane bolts and screws, so…how? Maybe they used him as one of those floaties?

3. In NY, where did they keep him? I so love it when he broke free from the metal chains. I wanna scream, “Kill them, Kong!!!!!!!!!!” Good thing I didn’t.

4. Bruce Baxter, that nice guy in Early Edition (sorry Jacs, I haven’t watched Homefront) is really cute. I know someone who’s just like that. Good looking, endearing, but too self-centered and spoiled (and won’t admit it). But the bottomline, I heart them both (that one and Bruce Baxter!).

5. Colin Hanks (of Orange County, remember? And Tom Hanks’ son too) played the assistant (of the director) who desperately needs Stresstabs all the time. Observe how after the chase by the rampaging Jurassic parkies and the weird spiders, he was still wearing his glasses as if he just freshened up for his first class, only with not-that-soiled shirt.

6. The giant eel-like slash human sucking creatures were just gross. How necessary were they? The boys were tired from the hell of a chase from the J.parkies, spiders and the gigantic geckos!

7. I agree with Jacs, Naomi Watts…or let’s say Ann Darrow, has enviable upper body strength. Just count how many times she had to display that might throughout the movie.

8. You know where we laughed the hardest? When Kong took Ann to Central Park. It was an “awww” moment in a very funny way! I can’t describe it. It’s just hilarious. It was played on a bit longer for my human tolerance, and was thwarted by a bang.

9. Andy Serkis, the guy who was Gollum in LOTR, is also Kong. Well, at least the eyes. It was his. I wondered before if he’s destined to not be seen competely. Lo, I was told he was also the cook on the ship! Yes, as in that yucky cook who makes equally disgusting food for those aboard.
10. The natives of Skull Island rock!!! Nyanyanyahahaha…lalo na yong lolabelle nila, nyaaaahhh…

11. Whatever Kong did to that super saurus (I’m such an idiot with those creatures, sorry) with a very poor dental structure (clue: it involves your hands and your opponent’s mouth), should be the Philippines’ capital punishment. Believe me, it’s worth a shot. Want justice? It’s the coolest.

*places hand on left chest* BEAU—TIFUL….

Not quite. But it’s worth your money and time na rin.

P.S. The beauty killed the beast. Pwargh.

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