So, how was your Christmas?

Being with people, with family, isn’t really that bad after all. Maybe it’s just me who’s so sold with a happy Christmas equals solitary confinement. Or maybe I got to spend time alone pa rin despite having a lot of people in the house. I can’t say anything coherent right now.

We got to Cavite a little after lunch time yesterday. There were visitors na (sige na nga, my relatives, haha) but I was really feeling under the weather so after all the beso beso I slept for 3 straight hours na. Then I read November’s Vanity Fair from cover to cover and was called down to eat. My sister-in-law made especially for me her special baked potato dish. Then I ate. Took pictures. Read some more. Then ate again close to midnight with my brothers and dad on the table. It felt good. Super laugh trip.

I woke up early and jogged for half an hour. The air was so fresh, we’re super close to Tagaytay so that explains it. I didn’t go to mass with them but I prayed the rosary alone. Ate a rather late breakfast then I slept again for two hours. My Dad was waiting for me outside the house and asked me to go with him. A block away from the house, he got off the car and asked me to switch places because I will drive. Everything happened so fast and I found myself treading the village like an idiot driver would. My Dad has been unusually patient, if you will reckon his record of teaching his family how to drive. Or maybe I didn’t notice if he was in his natural teaching mode because I was busy shrieking, laughing, grappling the steering wheel, and stepping hard on the gas pedal all at the same time. My Dad has always been a very cool driver so he was his usual self holding the handbrake while his youngest daughter was slowly losing her sanity. In sum, I toured the village twice, including the errand my brother had. I only had two close calls, one of hitting a pole and the other, treading a grassy area which could eventually end with me hitting a centuries-old mango tree. After that, my legs were stiff, my lips and throat were dry, and I was hungry again. My Dad is not giving up on me though but I think I’m really gonna die if you let me drive on a busy highway.

Now that the day is about to end, I just look forward to some more time for myself. But I’m happy. I heard from the people I want to receive messages from so it’s there’s a bonus. This is pretty much an ordinary day but I’m still sending my love and warmest wishes of peace to everyone on the planet!!! Mwahs and tight hugs!

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