Random Judie

short, direct, could be shocking

thanks to Jerry and Ate Cathy. i will still blog and hopefully get rid of all my pretentiousness because jologs blogging is really me. hehe.

last year (kala mo antagal na nung last year!), i made a list of things i plan to successfully embark on in 2005. the result?

:: Less Starbucks. – successful! i had less reading time last year and only indulged in the caffeine mania to get my 2006 planner.

:: Work harder. – uhm…i dunno.

:: Enroll in a post-graduate course or any certificate class. – enrolled in a basic Spanish class in Instituto Cervantes but did not finish it. i wonder what major thing could have happened had i attended the last 4 sessions.

:: Eat more vegetables. – i can’t believe i actually wrote this down. parang pang-“eat na your veggies, honey, open your mouth, here’s the train, choo choo…”

:: Read more books. – did not top my record last year. i only managed to finish 20 books in 2005.

:: Go out more. – maybe i did. not that i have a real social life now but it’s basically moving.

:: Engage in a sport. – got into boxing! thankful to Rachel. i stopped though but i plan to go back because i am really heavy again.

:: Don’t gossip. – errr…i dunno how to address this one. gossiping is, well, subjective. i dunno. i could have kept my mouth shut or otherwise. who cares?

:: Watch movies. – yup i did watch more than what i did in 2004. both dvds and in the theaters. Rachel and Lalaine (and oh, myself, in many movies) were my movie buddies.

:: Save money. – i think i did but it was because of my Mom. i mean she’s handling the money all along that’s why i got to open my OWN dollar account whose activity i have to work on because it’s not a real big sum of money. wala pa sa interest ng ibang dollar account owners, hahaha.

and a few things i did…things i had been:

:: i’ve mellowed down on this celebrity but i still like her to bits. priorities change but admiration doesn’t go away that easy, especially if there is no concrete reason to.

:: i used to blab about liking this politician but in truth, what i love is his affair with another celebrity i also like. i ended up falling for his political officer; a feeling which, thank God, has subsided about 95% when the year ended. thankfully, because not only it’s too far-fetched to happen, i saw it for myself that i cannot handle if fate played on me in it’s very weird way and say, “o sige nga, what if naging kayo?” hay…sometimes, when you recover from the dizziness of falling in love, you see flaws and clashing attitudes that will make you decide na it’s not really meant to happen but…a big but, to be fair, it does not change the other truth that you admire the person. so not to allude him as someone who’s hard to be with, kasi he’s actually a very wonderful guy. i’m glad that my feelings elevated into something that is of a great friendship na lang, and i can say we happily share it now, so i’m happy na. happy na rin siya. hooray for right-on-time reality stings!

:: i applied for a credit card. it’s not been approved but of course it would be. hahaha. di pa lang approved kasi i filed it two working days before the year ends!

:: i cried and shed more tears than i did in, perhaps, the past 5 years combined. my emotional muscles have been in constant use since mga april 2005 ata. it’s healthy. good for the heart. therapeutic.

:: i mapped out my life at least until the next five years. nothing’s been concrete, lahat are still blueprints but at least i have two or more options ready. galing no. hehe.

:: i tried hard to get the boxed set of Friends, all 10 seasons of it (thankie, Doris!) before Christmas, at least. i did and the year ended and another started with me laughing my heart out. sobrang saya, haha. and bite me, sue me, but i can’t help it–i’m a revived Jennifer Aniston fan. see this for further explanation. how long will this fascination last? i dunno. do you?

:: i deliberately skipped an imminent career advancement. some say it’s too good to not take but unless you dream of becoming it or you don’t have half-baked illusions, then don’t. sayang, oo, pero hanggang doon na lang ba ako dahil pinalampas ko? in truth, i don’t see myself staying, doing what i presently do, for another two or three years. sabi nga, sana i applied because if i get in, prospects are better outside. pero alam nyo, the job has been to good to me to even think of that. tama na yong nasa ganitong level ako so balanced feelings lang: impressive take-off point to go to another yet not too high a demand to leave easily when you’re called to go to some place better. plus i have faith that someone better will be there. i sincerely wish it would be Eiselle because she deserves it (virtual mwah to her!).

a year from now, go back to this post to see if:

…i am a graduate student taking International Studies

…i’ve travelled to 2 asian countries, at least

…i’m still a Jennifer Aniston/Friends fan

…i’m single and happy

…i weigh 125 pounds

…i’m still on my present job but has brightER prospects abroad (or could be on my way to…?)

…i’m still blogging

…i’m not as cash-strapped as 2005

…i’m still loving all of you, my loyal readers (traffic ko eh 35+ na a day halos, hehe, ang dami grabe…)

Magbalitaan tayo next year!

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