the one with the update

January 3 – back to work. was in-charge. do i care? well, do i have a choice in the first place? there you go. told them i am so hooked on friends they should expect me to blab about the show and jennifer aniston more often. signed up to go wifi (san andres bukid, wifi! wahu.) got my pastelitos from rachel. yummy. had dinner alone. i like it when servers recognize me as a regular but when they ask me why am i alone, parang, uhm, what do you care? this dinner was when nick lachey was singing i do over and over and the muted tv shows star wars. so it’s like nick is serenading yoda, something like that. so cinematic.

January 4 – got some money. the bosses met with all of us pinoy staff. requested for overtime but was denied and instead was offered an alternative where they can’t really understand why you just need effing two days of OT work and no need for coaching and other bullshit that on the rebound accuses us in a way of not having trust on other people’s ability. naman. there are tasks that are not hard but are cumbersome. hindi ko sinasabing mahirap, in fact, madali nga, pero kahit papano may rules pa din ang “simple task” na yon na bago mo maimpart sa tutulong sayo, eh sana ikaw na lang ang gumawa at malamang eh tapos na rin agad. mahirap ba maintindihan? ako kasi hindi naman nahirapan. had dinner with my mom and my cousins who came from palau. paid smart for the wifi thingie.

January 5 – payday but i didn’t feel it. paid for the stuff i ordered (once i liked someone, in a “fan” fashion, i act fast). my travel plan is still…a plan. can’t make up my mind as to where to go while rachel is all geared up for taipei. she needs to return there by march again. then she said we can plan going to KL, too. this is if the may ’06 plan to cambodia won’t push through. see, so many trips to take, so little time…and most all, so little money!!! i found out that E2 greeted me ‘happy new year’ pala. hehe kilig 🙂 the result of the alternative workplan was a load of crap dumped on me. fffuu…so ako dapat mag-OT para matapos din yon. hay….good thing i bought magazines with (you probably know who by now) on them. i had to cancel on rachel again which made me feel so bad but i just had to. sorry sis. it’s just that her errand seemed too tiring for me kaya nga sabi ko hindi na tlaga ako mag-invite, just let it happen 😦 then i learned something that will be known sooner or later. i only told rachel and jacs this time because otherwise i’m gonna explode. can’t keep something that major to myself lang. but i am confident with them naman. si jacs pa with our biatchy sarcasm text session which i regretfully had to end hanging. let me reply to you jacs with, “uhm, tim???”

January 6 – received something from my ‘savings’. can’t finalize my travel yet. i only got a week. work is still a source of stress. chelli called. i wanna be with her right now if only for the chika she missed. let’s go to fresno, haha. i told her about ebay-ing during office hours…see, she saw i haven’t changed…di pa rin ako nagtatrabaho tlaga, haha. i just had to hear it from her, the classic chelli way of telling me i’m so baduy…and it like opened a can of affirmation that yes, i am baduy. haha…and i so lavette. was supposed to meet up with a travel agent but decided to go have dinner again with the other staff. this time an officer came and a hell lot of beans were spilled, hehe. but like what sandy said, unless we do something about “it”, it will never end. magulo, magulo. i am disillusioned not just with the boss but with the work itself. it became too plain. if only i have a better option. i released my pent up disappointment by eating. i’m having too much caffeine, too. then just when i just mumbled something about missing Rayan all of a sudden, aba may text sya pag-uwi ko asking for help. well, ano ba bago, hahaha (apir tayo, friend!) but at least i talked to him. i asked him, “happy?” sumagot sya, “very.” that said it all. at least yung plan nya nasunod pa rin. hoy, bumalik ka ha, isusumbong kita sa fraud unit namin pag hindi ka bumalik! hahaha 🙂 pagdating nga lang baka may asawa na. hah! hmm.

so…can you tell me if i can get kahit a burned copy of the Nov. 20, 2003 episode of Oprah? it’s when she interviewed the cast of Friends mga 7 months prior to Friends’ last episode. i read the transcript and i felt sad na naman. hay. i really wanna have it. then seasons 4 to 9 of my set are bad…maybe it’s just with my player, sabi nung iba. i am thinking of buying a pirated dvd player kasi baka doon mag-work sya. so sad tlagaang karma chameleon, expedited processing na talaga, hahaha. window release pa, with a purple stub 🙂

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