* the smart wi-fi guys stood me up. hmph. letch.

* i am going to travel alone, it seems.

* either ^ or i’ll be up there at the peak of Mt. Pulag on my 24th birthday. if i can find people to come, i’ll drop my trip abroad. seriously.

* i’m so inggit with Rachel she has everything planned na…oh well, what’s new with me. sis, sama na lang tayo sa KL pagkatapos ng midyear bonus. char šŸ™‚

* stooopppp the maaadddneeeessssssssss…(my work is killing me. i want a change! total overhaul! but with the same or better pay! ambisyosa!)

* i gained 5 pounds over the holidays. my tummy and my face show it’s more like 10-15 lbs. but it’s really just 5. unless our bathroom scale is a pathological liar.

* syet, 24 na ako next week. i always have this feeling na pag nag-24 ka ang bilis na non papuntang 30. parang pag Wednesday na, ang bilis na mag-Friday. hala. stooopp the maaaddneeessss…

song in my head: Smelly Cat by Phoebe Buffay (fan! fan! fan!)

Categories: Random Judie

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