something doesn’t feel right

let me tell you how this day went. i watched Friends on dvd as soon as i woke up and began munching on my cereals. after four hours, the smart wifi guys came and for two hours they pissed me off. when they left, i took a very quick shower (no time for encore singing in the bathroom this time) then watched Friends again for another six hours. pretty eventful, isn’t it?

okay, now i’m still on dial-up. my dilemma with these installer guys (see dairycreamer‘s post) were just, i dunno, probably something that a technology-handicapped person like me can’t just understand? i doubt if they would even return tomorrow. i don’t know if i did the right, but for them bitchy, thing of writing and signing a reminder that “will need to return on Jan. 15 to complete installation” on their official installation acknowledgement sheet. all i wanna know now is, do i deserve this, having a wi-fi installer on an off-colored jersey who looked like he was snatched off a basketball game down the block (seriously), getting all screwed up with my PC lacking this and that crap after repeated calls for affirmation from Smart’s “technical support group” that i’m all set to be ‘wifi’d’, while all i ever wanted is to have faster internet connection and as such, has sacrificed paying another thousand monthly from hereon??? do i???

i’m really gonna stop blabbing how this failed wi-fi thing has upset me because it won’t get fixed no matter how much i rant here, or like even if i wish that other wi-fi users get all messed up, too. ha-ha.

let me see, one thing different now in the house is my mom’s absence. she told me about her plan of going to my grandmother’s this weekend and she has just done so…though this morning, when i asked her groggily when she’ll be back, she said maybe monday…or tuesday (in a very unsure voice). see, my mom and i got into this little discussion about something then it was flamed further by my decision to go ahead with this trip on (for) my birthday. i planned it two months ago and until the first week of this month, she hasn’t made up her mind if she wants to come or if she does, where we will go. finally, she suggested that we should postpone the trip and just go maybe on her birthday or around the middle of the year…to which i said no. i know it’s too selfish, too rude and probably too insensitive for some of you but hey, it’s my birthday…it’s a plan i had and if i don’t go, i’m telling you, there is really no clear-cut assurance that we’re actually gonna go in the coming months. so she felt bad and did not speak to me for two days. she spoke to me again when i fyi’d her that i was gonna pay for my ticket and hotel reservation already where she only replied a meek “OO”.

so now, i am facing a 4-day adventure in a not-so-foreign land, alone, and on a tight budget. i don’t plan to splurge but of course, that i cannot say with absolute certainty. probably mom’s also worried about that on top of feeling bad about my leaving her behind. i don’t know what to expect, actually. but i’ll survive. i was told by two people that going alone is too stupid and crazy while a few also told me that it’s gonna be okay…so i’m fine with that already. see, if i got opinions all only on one side of this decision, then that should creep me out. i still have no real plans once i get there, as my most pressing concern is for mom to be back before tuesday (and i kinda remember telling her this while half-awake) because i need the keys to get either my ATM card (mom still keeps them, i’m in too much temptation if they’re in my safekeep) or $200 (you know, in case some wussiness happens, at least i have backup funds, hehe). i am really a heartless daughter, don’t you think?

so i’m here now, still on dial-up, typing away because i have to give my dvd player a break (which reminds me i should get a pirated player, the cheapest one, because that could solve my non-working dvds problem!), we still have no cable TV connection, i’m not sleepy yet, i’m too lazy to read (huh, is this me?), and…i dunno. something just makes me a bit uncomfortable. something’s just not right. and i know it’s so beyond Friends or not having wi-fi yet.

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