look who’s…

happy. i am! i’m on wi-fi now. hehe πŸ™‚ as much as i regret placing virtually all service guys in my “you’re gonna screw me up” bin, i can’t help it tlaga. good thing God sends me people who are trustworthy enough and gets the job really done. at least, hindi naman siguro sayang yung tip ko πŸ™‚

annoying. the barangay officials of chromium street!!! last night, they spent a great deal of banging on walls and walking on rooftops to allegedly have the banderitas up for the upcoming fiesta. then it turned out hindi naman pala nila ginawa, ewan baka nag-moonlight tripping lang sila kagabi sa mga bubong ng mga bahay namin.

guilty. ako pa rin! my boss will be away from the 23rd, the first day of my return to the office so she wants to see Sandy’s employee evaluation write-up before that. eh i’ll be gone nga for the whole week so naturally i have to get it to her within this week. and until now, di ko masimulanang dyahe naman kung nasa middle ako ng vacation tas i’m typing away an employee evaluation. how pathetic is that? pero…do i have an alternative? syempre wala. kaya i must send it tonight. harumph.

back. Rayan is! ang dami nyang kuwento parang hindi nya alam saan mag-start, hehe. sobrang happy kasi eh πŸ™‚ kahit his two new pants were stolen (aawww :D). excited din naman ako to hear his stories but i just had to make my other ear listen to wowowee on a nearby tv kasi nakakaawa yung contestants, hahaha!!! i told him to arrange his US pics in chronological order then show it to me na lang when i return. of course, the most important thing in this whole Rayan thing is…may pasalubong sya sa akin. heheπŸ™‚ i will like it coz it’s better than tigger daw? hmmm. si George Clooney na naka-bow tie lang? wow, thanks, wipee πŸ™‚ and he’s looking for blog updates…so sige, you’re back in the mailing list, you happy person you! πŸ™‚

impatient. my friend na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Nathaniel, buwahaha. he asked for something from someone. aba, hindi pa nakuntento na inaccomodate yung request nya on such a short notice and even after the fact na tapos na yung deadline, parang sya pa yong pissed off kasi ang tagal ng result. ano buzz πŸ™‚ i know it’s easy to advice and close friends will rub it on my face that i am having a hard time na isabuhay yung mga advices ko sa iba. nevertheless, Nate, impatient ka, alam mo yon? mas mabilis daw maubos ang buhok ng mga taong ganyan, hala ka.

bored. i am. kung kelan pa mabilis na ang internet connection, saka pa tinamad, how weird. nakarami na rin naman ako ng nadownload na Friends guestings and tv appearances πŸ™‚ i better find something on the web to be fascinated with so hindi naman sayang.


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