used up

had only 5 hours of sleep. watched rumor has it. so-so film but it’s what i need on a supposed rest day. rachel hinted that she’s so bored. i decided to meet her at G4. we ate at cibo while talking about our respective trips for two hours. i went with her to have her taiwan pics transferred. had coffee and chocolate cake and talked about our bosses and colleagues, petty job complaints, f4, eric tu, machi and her deranged friend. window shopped. browsed what’s showing in G4 and ended up going to G1 to watch…tadaa..don’t give up on us. i’m on the edge of being penniless so rachel treated me, haha.

on it’s third week of run in theaters, piolo and judy ann’s movie probably deserves to be a box office hit. of course it still has a lot of loose ends (as with rumor has it) but unless there’s a perpetual best of the best quality film festival going on, this movie could pass as a great stress reliever. it’s funny, it’s light, it’s kilig. rachel and i were gushing in all the right moments, hehehe!!!

after seeing the movie, it made me think if i don’t really want to have someone with me right now. well, it’s true that no matter how much you want something if there’s none available, then it won’t really happen. however, i realized that maybe, a little part of all of us forever wants that cute feeling involved in giving and receiving affection to and from someone. sometimes, adults overdo it and tend to go all carnal and intimate, which could also be considered (above) normal. most of the time, cheesy gestures can really melt my heart. *sigh*

on the other hand, rachel and i both agreed while in the theater that the “i’ll go with you because i love you/you should go with me to prove that you love me” compromise isn’t all the time for the best. maybe it’s because both of us do want to achieve something and having to encounter someone like piolo’s character who dreams, say, “simple things”, can be a bit of a hassle. maybe we can say this now because we haven’t really gone into that moment of having to choose. who knows? (but i hope we won’t. )

we went home just as the mall is preparing to close. it was fun. it was a rather productive saturday.

and oh, rachel also gave me rayan’s pasalubong-slash-birthday gift. nuxx, kenneth cole croc wallet. friend, is that you? then he said may part 2 pa. sana croc bag na. woohoo 🙂 joke!

to end, let me just share something mushy that i can’t get over it :

“I am not here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.” – Sarah Huttinger (Rumor Has It)

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