messed up

my friend carolina sent me a text message all the way from malaysia (although i believe she’s just somewhere in quezon city, sorry dear). she said, “i am so happy. an orgasm is the best thing that could happen to you on a bleak sunday afternoon.” gah. no, she’s not had what you’re thinking. she’s more virgin than i am, haha. she’s talking about something else. although at the back of my mind, i am toying with the idea of literally having what she had. haha, i’m such a…carnivore? hahaha! *wink*

♥     ♥    ♥

i am so messed up, and would continue to be one starting tomorrow. i feel like floating forever. i raided ukay ukay shops again without thinking if i will be able to wear what i bought in the first place. i bought bookmarks. i bought magazines. i bought a pirated copy of cake and city of god. and i bought the second volume of the great political theories. haaaa, neat, eh? i don’t know why i did those things. i am floating again.

♥     ♥     ♥

yesterday, i found out that rachel also loves jennifer aniston. so fun. 🙂 i’m on a roll lately catching up on what this woman has been doing for the past decade and a half. i am a total latebloomer of a…fan. while i get smirks and scoffs over this fan thing, it’s something that i can’t avoid. i’m sure those who have been or is a fan of some celebrity would understand. like, did f4 fans instantly like the boys (well, they were practically boys then!) when meteor garden started airing? i guess not. it’s something that just came one day, like after watching an episode. with me, i noticed it’s a “reviving” thing. like when i so liked kris aquino and korina sanchez 😉 see, they had morning girls and i practically recorded each and every episode everyday for 16 months but i can trace the fascination back when i was in grade school during their hoy gising days, when i thought being a newscaster is the greatest career one can have. i stopped liking them because i moved on to other stuff only to watch them one day and get all interested once again. the same thing happened to jen and the cast of friends. i was all but 13 when i started watching them every wednesday on ABC 5. i followed them for two seasons until, well, i forgot about them and moved on to another (ally mcbeal). when i was idling my saturday afternoons four months ago watching their classic episodes on etc, i just realized i missed so much i better catch up. which i did, and i have been so busy ever since. i found an A-1, super amazing all about Friends and more website so i forget about a lot of things lately 🙂 i’ve been sleeping around 3 a.m. on weekends, downloading and watching past episodes of oprah, SNL, ellen, et, larry king live, TTS with jay leno, LN with conan o’brien, gag reels, and many more. i am so grateful i am on wifi now.

so i’m still messed up. bear with it. off to download more stuff.


oh, a mosquito *snaps*.

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