would you believe?

that i’m down to three to four sane screws bolted in my head to hold my sanity together. i’m going crazy in no time if i continue to be so understaffed. pakshet talaga, hindi na ito makatao. i must have answered gazillions of letters addressing different nonimmigrant effing visa issues. at ang tao ko, palaging 2 lang o 3. pero wa-i choice ang beauty ni judie. go pa rin :<

seeing wency made me happy! a relief. see, ganyan ako ka-lousy ngayon, ang caliber ni wency eh nagpapasaya na saken. hahaha. hay nako. we have to talk, pare. seriously. tungkol dun kay ano. isa pang pakshet yon. *smirks*

i still have not recovered financially. even if nothing’s changing with my pay statement, it’s still a consolation to see it, especially yung “net pay” na line (well, pati yung “leave balance” but can you even attempt to think to take one, given this situation? hmp.). what’s worse, when i break down what i’ll receive, parang pulubi na ako, huhuhu. isa pa nga: pakshet (i’m starting to love this word. i heard it from Em last friday and from Rach last Saturday. hehe.)

i miss bangkok. hala, ayan na. i was terribly upset for a time when i was there pero habang tumatagal, i’m starting to think that i really missed a lot dahil super nag-inarte sa melancholy ang drama ko. i didn’t even take much pics! when i see other’s bkk pics, i feel so inggit. hay. i’m going back there. and you know what? kahit walang kasama ulet, okay na ko. hmph.

citibank hasn’t cleared my check. it’s ruining my financial plan. naks, kala mo ang extensive. but it is. i’m so tempted to use the money na!!!! brrr!!! ma-clear ka naaaaaa!!!!!

it’s 6 p.m. and i’m not done working. there are jillions of things to do pa.


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