short stuff

i saw carol banawa for about two seconds on american idol. per pex, it was indeed her but she didn’t get in.

my favorite video clip lately is jennifer aniston’s skit in saturday night live in ’04 where she
played a paparazzi with amy poehler. it was so hilarious especially when the “razzi” her was bashing “jennifer aniston” on the red carpet. so funny.

i am going to watch memoirs of a geisha next friday courtesy of leahmay’s invite. mamie and edith invited us though for the black history month show that same day albeit earlier. my friday nights are kinda moving, no matter how…uhm… un-outgoing it appears. at least.

erwin has a girlfriend! i was supposed to tell him about someone he used to text but i just said i’m happy for him coz he finally snagged his neighbor. hahaha. i so miss the guy. he gets what i’m trying to say by just giving him a blank face (J: oh, i am a fan of Friends now. E: friends? J: *blank stare while hand acts as if it’s trying to explain* E: *wonders aloud* Ah…Friends. okay, okay.). plus, he is one of the very few people of the opposite sex whom i can show the real me. the palengkera, shallow and matakaw me. all that and more without hesitations. hoy, manlibre ka na next week. wala ka nang rason para hindi kami pakainin.

chelli called and said ‘hi’ to everyone who had been her colleagues and at the same time my still unfortunate co-workers until now.

i cleaned up my phone inbox. i totally forgot why i am keeping more than 180 messages from someone from last year. kagulat. i must have been crazy keeping even a mere” psst” or “i’m home na” text, parang, huh? but before erasing them all, of course, i found myself smiling. last year was kinda fun. i wouldn’t have traded it for anything. it was good, it’s just that this year’s probably better. and yes, sobrang natatawa tlaga ako. imagine ang messages ng ibang tao, yung mga heartwarming forwarded quotes from people na hindi ko nai-save just to keep them? nge. medyo mabilis na ulit ang phone ko ngayon.

tonight’s AI audition was kinda boring compared to last night’s in vegas. one funny quote: “whatever happened in vegas…goes to my website!!!” (the guy got in; he was the gondola…uhm…driver? i dunno what’s it called!).

friday. friday na naman. friday na agad.

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