I’m surviving. 🙂

It’s been a week and yes, I am still on an extended break. A lot has happened and I really felt urges to write them down a minute after they unfolded. Eventually, the urges dropped faster than I can open the “Compose” page so they all went to my office notebook-slash-doodle pad during meetings-slash-journal scratch pages. I currently have five pages full of thoughts about the films I watched, my thoughts on recent office happenings, spoon handles in taxis, cleaning up in coffee shops, girly bars beside fellowship halls, my faster reading pace, my being so plump(ier) again, Friends re-runs, EVAT, killing someone who says bad things about my mother, and George.

I was incommunicado for the whole of yesterday, too, because my phone broke down. Much as I regret switching to Globe because of their poor signal, I am amused by their updated texts and missed calls list provided to you when your phone was off.

I am supposed to scan more pages of this magazine, which I promised a yahoo groupmate, email my sister, increase the number of my posts in the Friends forum, and read blogs but I don’t want to anymore. Enough for today.

Off to go to watch Nip/Tuck (my very first) instead. Prison Break premieres on the Crime/Suspense channel (50) tomorrow at 10 pm. ETC has another Friends rerun on Sundays at 7 pm. Haven’t watched Bones (Tams!) pa.

I observed that more things happened to me when I went on blog leave. Or maybe not. Maybe I just focused on blogging each of them, failing to see the other events happen because I was busy typing. I don’t know. But things have turned quite a bit harsher and it was more eventful, just last week alone. I wonder what’s gonna happen in the weeks to come.

Oh shoot, Nip/Tuck, yeah. I am five minutes late. See you whenever!

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie, Random Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

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