Can I say that this is final?

Since I learned how to blog three years ago, I’ve had about 6 or 7 blogs. At one point, I had them active all at the same time, with identical entries. Blogging time and interest waned, so currently, I settle for my livejournal, partly because of its being user-friendly, and of the cute 100×100 icons.

So out of envy, which has been, admittedly, the primary motivation of my constant blog-changing, I am now typing away my first entry for this (another) new blog.

Let’s see how far this would go. Like single people wanting to finally find and end up contently with “the one”, I hope I get to settle for my one true blog. Okay, I’m single too, but at this rate that I can’t even decide what blog to maintain, I guess it’s a clear reason why I can’t begin my trek in finding the one. Naks, drama. Kill me. Now. 

Categories: Random Judie

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