TBU the second time around

After a trip to the Ayala Museum with Rachel (the 60-set diorama of Philippine History was awesome), we watched The Break Up in G4. By the way, I saw for myself how Sukob is really a box office hit. The lines were loooooooong!

Anyway, after seeing TBU for the second time, I looked at the movie in a different way. It’s still not an amazing movie, but it cut too close to the heart, especially if you’ve been in a relationship that went wrong because of little issues that piled up and became like an elephant in the room.  There were moments, and I’m a little biased because I like Jennifer Aniston (and I’m with Rach :D). I also wanna go to Chicago now.

Vince Vaughn, who’s also one of the screenplay writers, was right when he said something like the storyline being the real thing that happens between couples. True, because I know someone who got through the same thing. As in from the analogous fight over wanting to want to do dishes, loving to watch ballet because the one you love loves it, not giving flowers “because you said on our first date that flowers are a waste of money” (“every girl likes flowers!”), “nothing I do is ever good enough for you” to battle of wits involving the loyalty of friends, and last-ditch efforts to save the relationship.  Realistically, it comes to a point when one of you will have “nothing left to give” even when there’s the change of heart that you’ve been wanting to see in the first place. Then of course, time and distance will let you heal.

The ending was good, even if a typical mushy person like me would like to see them actually kiss-and-make up.  In a way, you were left with the feeling that sooner or later they’re gonna get back together anyway.

I just have to say that Jon Favreau was a riot in his supporting role. Also, you know how small this production was because of the too many familiar people in the cast (think Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Dodgeball).

Fans as we are, Rach and I can’t help but joke that we hope Brad’s Babel will flop in the box-office. Whilst I will never ever mock Shiloh, of course you can’t blame me if I don’t feel supportive of Brad and Angelina. As criticized as Michael Douglas was, I also do not see Brangelina sticking together for long. Maybe 3 to 6 years, give or take.  As for Jen, I only wish her less tabloid intrigues (although most of these tabloid trash make my day, :D). She’s been relatively off the spotlight after the barrage of red carpet premieres of TBU, which is good for her. Though reliable or not, a “scientific study” said she has the most perfect legs in Hollywood. 😀 I’m amazed how toned she is when she’s showing some skin. She appears too waif thin when she’s all dressed up. You should have seen her interview with David Letterman a few weeks ago, and her first pictorial with Vince for Entertainment Weekly (done on the same day, she’s even wearing the same outfit). I would kill to have those legs. 


One star I would like to watch out for is Abigail Breslin of the indie film Little Miss Sunshine.  She’s the younger sis of Spencer Breslin, the boy in The Kid and The Cat in the Hat. Vanity Fair said that as Dakota Fanning pushes into teenhood, Hollywood has to find someone to take her place, and they think that Abigail is it. While I believe that Dakota Fanning is one of the best ever child stars in the planet, I think too that Abigail can make waves through her own brand of wit and acting ability.  I saw her in Jay Leno last night and wow, she’s so witty and adorable! I hope her movie makes a worldwide release soon.


I’m still into Supernatural. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) is super hot. I really believe I have a penchant for grumpy and cranky men. *hearts falling*

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