my chakra is not chaka

So to be diligently studious is freakin’ hard.

However, I think I am making slow and smooth progress. It’s just that I really have no luxury of time. I still have 24 hours a day. I should have started this “act” long before these school requirements have been set.

You know, if only for these mundane steps towards…errr…something, I should be proud of myself. I am loving this whole student drama, really.


Anyway, our boss sent us a link to the Chakra test. I took it and basically, my results went:

Root chakra (being physically there and feeling at home in situations) : underactive. I tend to feel fearful and nervous. I’d easily feel unwelcome. (Either you tell me this is not accurate, or I will be the one to tell you…I am not completely who you think I am.)

Sacral chakra (feelings and sexuality) : underactive. I tend to be stiff, emotional, not very open to people. (Ahem, see above.)

Navel chakra (asserting yourself in a group) : open. I am in control and have sufficient self-esteem. (Nah.)

Heart chakra (love, kindness, affection) : open. I am compassionate, friendly, and work on harmonious relationships. (Of course!)

Throat chakra (self-expression and talking) : overactive. I tend to speak too much (yes, as much true as the sun is hot), usually to domineer and keep people at a distance (Noooo!!!). I’m a bad listener. (I object!)

Third eye chakra (insight and visualization) : overactive. I live in a fantasy world too much. (Enough said. You know, it humanizes me. So don’t give me that look.)

Crown chakra (wisdom and being one with world) : open. I am not prejudiced (Of course.), and quite aware of the world and myself. (Uhhh…)

Okay, so what’s your chakra reading?

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  1. i have no clue about chakras, but i appreciate the link!

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