kalye juan and other random comments

~ Mom and I had dinner in Kalye Juan in SM Mall of Asia today. I had long longed for their sisig since I saw it a month ago. We didn’t order it tonight, but we were satisfied with what we had (bangus belly kare kare and calamares).

I guess the long queue of people waiting to be seated proved that the place is really good.  Plus the price is very sulit.

I am no restaurant reviewer so just go to the “North Parking” side of Mall of Asia, beside Tempura, basta in the row also of Bangus, Almon Marina and Bacolod Chicken, and try Kalye Juan. I highly recommend it.

~ I am no fan of Sharon Cuneta so I rarely give meaning to whatever she does. Lately, I just can’t help but notice how politically motivated all her actions were. I don’t know, is it just me? Or maybe I’m starting get the feel of the next elections coming? Remember, Kiko Pangilinan will seek re-election, most probably, then jump in for the vice presidency in 2010 perhaps?

On a rather similar note, I read in a paper that Vilma Santos and Korina Sanchez prepare to square off for next year’s elections, as Ralph Recto and Mar Roxas are rumored to vie for higher seats. Hello. Ralph’s term ends next year, yes, but you can’t expect Mar to run because he’s senator until 2010 and there’s no election for President or VP next May. Ano ba yan. Ang labo.

~ Why do some people find it funny that you call waiters/servers by their names as on their name tags? Isn’t that the purpose of putting it there? You don’t call them “excuse me” if they pass by your table and you want their attention, especially if you can see their names. And those annoying people looked at me as if I’m weird. Again, ang labo.

~ Do you clean up your table when you’re in Starbucks? I do. People find it odd. Minsan naman, I am thinking of the designated cleaning boy if I do that dahil mawawalan sya ng gagawin. However, as a habit, I always go to the trash bin and drop my cup and paper towels before I leave. It’s just me probably.

~ I don’t miss Steve at all. I still joke around or deliberately insert his name in conversations but in terms of actually thinking of him, I haven’t done it in, what, about a week? Maybe it went bzzzt already. I don’t know what to feel, it’s not as if there was something in the first place.  

~ I don’t know when this fascination for Russia started but I have been so curious about it, and believe me, my crush on Vladimir Putin was because of it, not the other way around. I remember seeing Inside Putin’s Russia in A Different Bookstore in Glorietta but not minding it and now, I can’t find a copy! To think that they’re on sale, along with Powerbooks! Anyway, I already bought, from Booksale, The Social History of Twentieth-Century Russia and Stalin’s American Policy: From Entente to Detente to the Cold War. When will I read them, I don’t know. Hopefully in this lifetime.

~ My Dad commented, out of the blue, “Aba anak, 25 ka na pala sa January.”

And it opened a floodgate of thoughts on what I am doing, and what I plan to do, with this stinking life.

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