Whatta Monday

What a way to start the day. I arrived late, requiring me to file an hour’s worth of leave of absence. Then an “old” problem resurfaced. Okay, the intention was to put a closure to an issue. I accept that. However, I still have reservations on how the issue was interpreted. I am aware of the issue at hand but you know, if you know something that the others don’t, you can easily see where this person is coming from. For those who are not in the know, they will not understand why I keep on insisting that this issue has been a catastrophe from the very beginning. However, it is not their fault. It’s no one’s fault. *thinks* Yeah, no one’s.

I am not defending anyone here. I don’t even say that the “supposed” main issue isn’t true at all. It could be, and as what our boss said, we can’t control the way people react to us. It just bothers me because I know where all of this is coming from, and stepping up to explain things to them would mean blowing up the issue altogether. Quite like a damn if you do, damn if you don’t kind of thing.

In a nutshell, THIS was the issue. THAT was another one, but only a minor thing. Because dealing with THIS entailed more explanation and more gates of personal issues opening, THAT was seen to be a better excuse to get the matter through.

At any rate, I appreciate the openness and honesty. They are all my friends and I love them, that’s why I try hard not to say things anymore. Well, not all of them read my blog anyway. But again, I love my friends. I care for them a lot. I know I was responsible for letting a sensitive issue be made into a joke. I should have just blurted something related to Steve.

Hay, I need a cup of coffee.

Categories: Friend Judie

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