flexible bubble

Who doesn’t love non-working holidays? Well, you will not if you are a “no work, no pay” kind of employee. I am very fortunate not to be one of those people but I don’t know why I felt annoyed with the decision to close for business on the 21st, in adherence to the Palace announcement. If I think about it, my work will not be directly affected by this decision. My work is more on dealing with the before-the-fact and after-the-fact of this worldwide phenomena called visa processing, bwahahaha!!!! Anyway, I am hoping that this indifference would lead to finishing more important errands on this one free day. Whatever.

On another matter, we just received a Mission-wide notice regarding the banning of liquids on board any U.S.- bound aircraft. So it’s officially an issue. Yeah, I know it’s a huge deal but, as my style, this kind of event sinks in when an official word from home or from the office gets out, particularly in a memo format.

Another Bojinka ahead? We’ll never know.

Natakpan na naman ang isyu ni GMA at pati ang impending eruption ng Mayon. I hope not.

Categories: Employee Judie

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