one down

My IS mid-term exam is over. I don’t feel anything extreme about it except that it’s over and I can move on to other things. Honestly, I feel I devote more time to this subject than I do with my PolSci class. Anyway, the exam isn’t really forgettable but I think I did well on many parts, especially on the globalization schools of thought, hahaha. Believe it or not, since my 4th year in high school, this exam’s the only time I studied again a couple of days and nights in advance, no bull. It was even a staggered pace but I made it. When the testpaper gets back to me, I would see if pleasing the professor rather than defending my own stand on issues would pay off, hehe. I got a pretty decent grade (with a cool comment) in my first book review, even though I think it was mediocre (remember, I did it four hours before submission time), so I’m thinking the professor is pretty lenient in accepting the quality of essay-type answers. I really hope so. Otherwise, I know I would not fail but it will be a so-so kind of result 🙂

The first part of the exam had 6 terms which we had to define, 5 points each. I was very sure on three terms, a bit so-so on one, and had no close clue on the remaining two. Had I read Francis Fukuyama, I would have gotten what is “end of history”, of course, given that it was what the professor was looking for. I ended up writing something I remembered from Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations. Then there was “westfailure system”. What the heck was that? I don’t know if it was a typo error that should have been the Westphalia. Oh well, even if it’s so, I don’t think I would be able to write something substantial about it anyway, hahaha. So what I wrote is the failure of the west, along the lines of what Jeffrey Sachs in The End of Poverty said. Classic case of mai-connect lang. I just hope the professor would give a point or two for effort 🙂

Anyway, that’s one exam down, a few more and a lot of book reviews to go, and this sem would be over. I don’t know what to feel about the possibility of not enrolling next sem due to schedule constraints. I would welcome a time off (grabe di ba, one sem pa lang) but I may miss it. I really don’t know. I will pray for it and I’m sure I’ll get the answers soon enough.

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