random. bleep.

My computer’s been acting up. AGAIN. This is my third time to do an entry because browsers disappeared all of a sudden and worse, the computer has shut down for reasons I cannot comprehend. I so need a PC overhaul. No, I so need a new one. A laptop perhaps? Oops, not enough money. Dream on.

Anyway, I decided to do offline all the memes I want to answer, the motivation of which was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Ms. C.

Since my computer and I developed this mild irritation towards each other, I may just post the memes in a few days. Meanwhile, I have to go finish reading A World Without Walls (lent to me by Sandy’s sister, Pay), because the *blank* Dr. V of my IS class wants us to submit the book review on Thursday even though he’s in the U.S. till the 24th. 😦

Then I have to look for a copy of Philippine Civil Society and the Globalization Discourse. I’m actually thinking of buying my own since it’s only P250. I need it for a report this Thursday, and I can use it as the main resource for my seminar paper on the same subject. Anyone here who knows if I can buy it other than in the Third World Studies Center of UPD? Because if there’s no other shop that sells it, I will be forced to go to QC after office on Monday. Hurr. 

Anyway, I worked a little on my book page.

Oddly, I’ve been so obsessed about thinking of New York, and not just because of Friends. A few months ago it was St. Petersburg, Russia. My inner self wants to go and move out, probably. To explore. I’ve been thinking of how life would be if I stroll the streets of the West Village to and from work. How cool it would be to try all the restaurants. To watch all the Broadway plays and musicales. As pathetic as it may seem, I edited my resumé in the U.N. website, you know, just in case. You’ll never know. I’ve always believed in the power of suggestion. 

Lastly, for about a week now, Plus One’s 2001 single Last Flight Out has been playing in my head. I especially love the lines, Although it’s (life) hard and scares me so/ A life with you scares me more. O di ba? 😀

The memes. Gotta answer them now.

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  1. Hi. You can buy the book, “Philippine Civil Society and the Globalization Discourse” at any branch of National Bookstore. Thanks.

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