hunky dory

I adamantly refuse to think that because things didn’t go as I planned them, my life is doomed.

There comes a point in your life when you have to make sacrifices. If you want to achieve something, work on it. More tears, blood and sweat bring more rewards, more often than not.

Ang drama di ba? This is nothing heavy. Actually, napepressure lang ako kasi hindi nakabili ng book yung classmate ko kahapon kasi nagsara agad yung Third World Studies Center sa Palma kaya ako ang susugod dun later, buti na lang nga allowed ako mag-undertime sabi nung timekeeper namin. Then sana umabot ako dun nang masimulan ko na basahin yung book to prepare for my report on Friday. I’m thinking if aabot ba ako kasi I’m the 4th and last scheduled reporter on that day; minsan napapasarap sa pagkukuwento ng interesting anecdotes si Dr. Rebs kaya nadedelay ang reporting— na okay lang naman.

Interestingly, my appetite has gone back to normal (a.k.a. parang may lamon-fest everyday). I don’t know why it happened, to think na di ba nga I have this irrational mental effort to be better than those people na nirereto nila kay S?

And just now, another fire alarm, and he’s not here. Walang sense lumabas ng office, hah! Except of course to mingle with people you’ve not been with in a long time, like Erwin, who gave us a box of yummy Japanese rice cakes (from the airport, hahaha, ungrateful!). These fire alarms, I am beginning to think, are part of the “practice” to see how fast we all mobilize outside the buildings. Kasi pag pre-announced na fire drill, we are all like walking and making chika in the park. Bakit hindi na lang magpasabog ng isang artificial something so we can all jump from our seats and head for the door in a millisecond?

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