Me no like tests

I never liked serious personality tests. I don’t like my personality assessed. While I welcome critiques about my person, I usually don’t rely on psychologists telling me that I’m like this and like that. I guess I like the real me, whoever that is, to be a mystery and not laid down on the table, both flaws and good traits defined.

Anyway, I mentioned it because our department is slated to take the MBTI test this afternoon. Truth be told, I like answering surveys on anything, from celebrities to romantic qualities, but I don’t take them seriously. As is the case when I answer essays, I am pretty much a pleaser; I think of what would appeal to the one who will read it, or in the case of random meme generators, what would give the better result among the available ones. I guess it doesn’t say that I am shallow, though I am, but more importantly, how guarded I am with the real me, that I don’t even allow my own self to access it, just for a reality check. There could also be something about me that I dread knowing. Something that I am still in denial of, that I don’t want surfacing anytime now, basically because I don’t see the need for it.

So whatever happens in the exam that they will administer later, I will let it speak for how much I want myself to be assessed. I don’t know if these kind of pyschological exams can be manipulated by the one who answers it. Not to say that I will lie later, but you know, especially when there are uncomfirmed rumors of realignment with staffing, your ultimate survival would naturally take first priority above any fancy form of self-definition. We can save that for blogs or informal social gatherings.

Categories: Employee Judie

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  1. Hey hanagirl! yup, this will be my permanent blog na. hopefully. joke! no, seriously, i’m going to maintain this na from now on. thanks for dropping by 🙂 nice new layout, too!

  2. hi judie! is this ur real blog na talaga? i changed it na kasi 3 times. hehe 🙂 please advise. 🙂

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